Lamar Jackson's Record-Breaking Day! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Today, Lamar Jackson had his 3rd career game with 100+ rushing yards, most by any QB in the Super Bowl era within their first 2 seasons. The Cincinnati Bengals take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  1. The Ravens receivers are always covered like glue. I would run the ball a lot too if I have to throw to that squad. Great game Lamar!

  2. An absolutely brilliant runner of the ball, but he is gonna start getting injured a lot if he keeps this going. Just go out of bounce or slide, he is seeking contact too much

  3. Lamar Jackson is the next Michael Vick!!! I ❤ #8!!! Lamar Jackson is the best dual threat quaterback in the nfl compared to Michael Vick!!! He's the man!!! I love this dude!!! He's beast and he's the man!!! Let's go Ravens!!! Ravens Flock!!! Lamar Jackson will win his very first superbowl championship with the baltimore ravens!!! Go Lamar Jackson Go!!! Lamar Jackson= Michael Vick!!! Go Lamar Go!!! I love this kid!!! He's special!!!

  4. Well you all, It starts with being humble, the man is that, when you are a humble and a patient QB, everything will follow in place. That's why things are going good for him.

  5. He’s good but when his running shut down his passing not there he throws to wide open receivers cause his threat of running he’s no miracle QB jus very gifted as runner which obviously makes the throwing little easier

  6. Lamar Jackson to me is the most elusive open field runner in the league. He makes pro def players miss completely and sometimes just fall down. He cuts at full speed before a def player can even break down. It looks effortless and extraordinary

  7. Ok listen to me folks. I found out how you can predict Lamar Jackson. I have watched over a hundred snaps of Lamar Jackson over and over again. If Lamar Jackson is doing a Runplay or giving the ball to the RB his feet are more parallel and if it is a throwing play, his right foot is way in front of the left. I did watch his feet and decided wether its a run or a pass play and I got about 99% right. Some plays break down and he runs eventually but to know what play is coming in the first place, is very important.

  8. Imagine taking an average athlete with a cop video #1 overall over this specimen. I'm a pats fan but I can't wait to watch Lamar piss on that division for the next 12 years just on principle.

  9. I love Vick but Lamar is 10x better than Vick. Vick seemed faster but Lamar is a way better runner with close to the same speed. Vick had way more arm strength but Lamar has good arm strength and watches film and isn't out in the streets. Lamar is the future.

  10. I'm convinced that Lamar will have the career Micheal Vick would've had. He's already evovled into a guy who can regularly throw for over 200 yards in the nfl accurately.

  11. Trust the process , he needed that first year behind Flacco and now he’s running with his opportunity , I’m waiting for that Super Bowl out of him ! 💪💪

  12. His footwork is amazing, watch the side ways stutter step at 1:57! He is an amazing runner, his stride is perfect. Watch Olympic 800M videos then watch Lamar, same same! All I can say is PLEASE run out of bounds or else one day you'll get tagged and never be the same.

  13. What I don’t understand he was an hs trophy 🏆 winner in 2016 an finalist in 2017 how didn’t he be the first round pick smh 32 in the draft now he breaking NFL records while baker 👨‍🍳 is getting cooked and looking more an more like an Bust you can’t not stop 🛑 greatness but they wil try to detroy it ask Vick bout that

  14. He must be tough as hell, as believe me, every hit hurts. Pro players just get up like it's nothing, but they're just acting. They don't want to show any weakness. After a game, you're sore as hell. For days. And he's taking running back hits, and QB hits in the pocket.

  15. He's currently on pace for 4000 passing yards, 30 passing touchdowns, 1250 rushing yards, and 6 rushing touchdowns. If they also win a lot of games, he could win the MVP. Like, he could end up top 5 for passing and rushing statistics

  16. Lamar is beast but he needs to learn to protect himself more when he runs and not take those hits. Hope he learns soon because he is electrifying

  17. We got so use to soft QB’s over the last 18 years that we almost forgot that QB’s are football players too and that’s what Lamar is a QB but most important a football player that plays football get hit and get up for the next play

  18. Baker = Browns QBs
    Darnold = Flashes
    Allen = Ok, hasn't done anything stupid
    Rosen = Garbage
    Jackson = Vick without the Dog fetish

    Kyle Allen is best though

  19. If I heard correctly Lamar is only the 2nd NFL QB to rush for 150+ yards AND throw for 200+ yards in the same game. The only other one: Kaepernick. What a waste that K is not even in the league.

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