N 'if' L: What if Russell Wilson wasn't a Seahawk?

Russell Wilson on the East Coast? Peyton Manning in the Northwest? Dave Dameshek explains how that could’ve happened had Matt Flynn not had one big game in 2012. Animation courtesy of Bindledog.


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  1. N 'if' L: What if blair Walsh didnt miss the kick against Seattle?

    Arizona's Defense would've smothered minnesota

    Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers Could've Upsetted Carolina
    (Analyst's in 2015 predicted Green bay beating carolina)

    Arizona wins against green bay in the NFC Championship

    Superbowl 50: Arizona Vs Denver
    Ill let y'all decide what happens here

  2. What if the Bills, who did like Wilson, pulled the trigger and got him before Seattle could? Again, another what if for Buffalo. Yuck.

  3. what if drew bledsoe never got injured
    what if trent green never got injured

    we may have never seen Tom Brady or Kurt Warner!

  4. Then there would be no reason for the Eagles to trade picks to the Browns to get Wentz and then the Browns draft Wentz and they go 3-13 first year. The Browns then go and draft Myles Garrett who still does amazing, but without the rest of the first round picks the Browns don't draft Njoku or Peppers, so there is no reason to cut Gary Barnidge. They then go 10-6 and make the playoffs and Joe Thomas is never injured. They win wildcard week but lose in divisional round. Joe Thomas doesn't retire and stays for one more year. (Joe Haden wasn't cut the year before) and eventually, since there's no reason to fire Sashi Brown, the team's rookies who are holding up the team eventually leave and that makes them bad again.

  5. This doesnt work at all. The hawks tried to go after Manning before signing Flynn. Manning wasnt interested and once that was obvious then the hawks went after Flynn

  6. So if Wilson is an eagle the Seahawks don’t play the redskins and then maybe rg3 doesn’t get hurt

  7. When the Redskins could have gotten Russell Wilson 2nd/3rd round but decided to trade all their good picks for RG3 who had one good year…(and also passed up on other good players with the traded picks)

  8. Know there would be no Carson Wentz he would go on the 49ers because the eagles wouldn't have to trade up but this is outdated

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