Nobody picked the Lakers to win the title among ESPN’s panel of experts | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby react to members of’s panel of experts predicting the LA Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers to win the 2020 NBA title — but not the Los Angeles Lakers, despite having LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma and others.
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  1. They're again taking out Toronto from the list. And even if KL is not playing with them again they're still a very good team in the East. Probably in the top 3 teams. I agree with ESPN that Lakers has no chance this year of making the finals. There are better built teams in the West from past season. Not sure about the Clippers chances of winning, but no doubt they've got the best player in the league.

  2. Stats can't define this upcoming season who those team will get that NBA Title, don't rely to them on that basis from the previous records in last season, but I warned to all of you!! LAKERS HAVE ALL PLAYERS THAT ITS NOT ALMOST A STAR PLAYER,, BUTTTT!!,, SOME ARE BRANDED PLAYERS! RAJON RONDO, DANNY GREEN, QUINN COOK, JARED DUDLEY, JAVALE McGEE, DWIGHT HOWARD, KYLE KUZMA, KOUSTAS ANTETOKOUMPO, LANCE STEPHENSON, especially LeBRON and ANTHONY DAVIS!! PLEASE OBSERVE THOSE PLAYERS ON THAT LAKER ROSTER, for me its a 100% Solid Lineup, FOR THOSE ASSHOLES WHO WILL CHANGE THEIR MINDS IF THAT TEAM WILL SIT UP TO THE TOP,SEED F*CK Y** ALL!! remember "it all starts in this game to " ZERO" "!! thanks…

  3. Because they not gonna win it. They won't even make it out the west. It's too tuff. And if you do you gotta beat the Clippers. I don't think they will. Davis won't last at the 5, he's to injury prone. Boogie going down will hurt them more than you realize. Boogie was gonna play the 5 so Davis could play the 4 where he's more comfortable

  4. I think Giannis is good, but I don't think he can win without another super star like player, at least right now. My opinion may change in the future.

  5. Sixers lost reddick and butler they not winning SHIT… Clippers are overrated best supporting cast they have is Lou Williams. Paul George still has a lot to prove. Lakers are my favorite to win . Bucks will come out of the east because of Giannis dominance. But the Lakers taking the chip if everybody stays healthy facts . We got bron surrounded with Danny Green , KCP , Kuzma , Quin Cook and Anthony Davis . Ppl are fucking blind

  6. i want to see lakers and bucks in the finals just so we can have the power forward matchup between AD and Giannis. We haven't seen enough of that

  7. Yeah jalen is also the fucking retard who said the rockets will get thr #1 overall seed 😂😂😂😂😂😂 im not listening to anyone that fuckin stupid 😂😂😂😂

  8. I picked the raptors to win it all every year since the 94 season
    I am 1 for 24
    While the ESPN so called experts never picked the raptors to win the chip

  9. The Lakers have two superstars, both who are currently top 5 players in the NBA. A future all star in Kuzma, plus a solid bench. They definitely have enough to win the chip, especially with there being no KD led warriors anymore. No excuses if they don't

  10. Me – at a funeral "I know this is sad but I have a surprise that will cheer y'all up! ….. LEBRON"

    LeBron – (*throws ball off of casket and 360 dunks on a hoop connected to the casket.*)

    Crowd – (crying tears of joy) "LeBron, that was the most beautiful eulogy. "

  11. It's a joke that won't end.. the Lakers will fighting for the last spot in the west.much less for a
    Championship.. the rockets and Clippers are the only true contenders

  12. There a long long way to go and things to work out. but if the Lakers get into the playoffs relatively healthy, everything changes they go from 12 to 1 underdogs to 3 to 1 if Lebron and AD are healthy, the playoffs is a whole different thing. The Warriors were able to pull off this small ball 3 and D style in the playoffs because they had the greatest shooting team ever, other teams struggle in the playoffs.

  13. The Lakers have LeBron, Davis, and DWIGHT HOWARD. They were a serious contender before they signed him, but no longer. Davis will not sign long-term as DWIGHT HOWARD will run him out of town.

  14. Jalen doesn’t know sh**. Always giving an opinion only for the direct opposite thing to happen (Dwight joined LA yesterday).

    I don’t think guys in the NBA talk to Jalen Rose like that, plus he old let’s be real. Lakers now don’t have to play AD at 5, unless it’s 4Q period Jalen!

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