Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles | NFL Week 16 Game Preview | NFL Total Access

Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders look to keep their slim playoff hopes alive as they travel to Lincoln Financial to take on Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. Watch Raiders vs. Eagles Monday, December 25, 8:30pm EST on ESPN.

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  1. Downing is so terrible Carr doesn't know if he's coming or going in this offense …..del Rio made the worst picks for off and def coordinators just fire them try to get gruden please !

  2. Raiders funny…$25 million QB and beast mode.  thought they were supposed to walk away with AFC west…hahahahahaha.  another year watching KC and ALEX SMITH'S backside…hahahahahahahaha

  3. Philadelphia Eagles 19 Oakland 10 – Oakland played great football all night right up until the very last play of the game, then they looked like Oakland….hahaha  Score a TD for the Eagles D going away…

  4. at the beggining of the year who woulda predicted the eagles would be 12-2 with the best record in football 😛 i love it

  5. Eagles will win because Oakland no longer has Matt McGloin as their backup. After Carr goes down that'll be in for the Raiders. And in this kind of cold, he will. Carr is brittle.

  6. Here's what's funny…. Notice they laughed about raiders practically… If the raiders win tonight tommorow they be like oh the raiders seem to be back on track and Derrick Carr was super in this game…suck a d.. K…. My point is to prove how 2 faced the sports announcers are.. One minute they talk good about you then next they talk bad like your the worst team in NFL.. Haters.. …

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