Richard Sherman 2014 season highlights

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman once again proved that he is among the best in the game by anchoring one of the best defenses in the NFL. Check out his highlights from 2014.


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  1. people on here are saying he isn't the best, but if he takes away a whole side of the field i think that's pretty good. Who else in the NFL do coaches have to literally plan a one sided passing attack for?

  2. Sherman barely has highlights for 2014 because QBs rarely threw at his direction.

    This NFL barely made a 1 minute video and they mashed up alot of his trash talking highlights and other stuff into it just to make it that long haha.

  3. that's it? that's what y'all consider the best? he sucks he can barely tackle let alone defend he can't play good to save his life my opinion he's maybe a 65 overall player not 99 d revis is way better fucks sherman plus he should shut the fuck up 2 cuz he has one super bowl ring big deal brady, montana , ray lewis have multiple ok fucm sherman he's a little bitch ass corner

  4. It's a shame we won't be seeing many highlights of Richard Sherman anymore. Nobody is willing to throw to his side of the field so how do you make plays when you don't have the chance to?

  5. So to sum up the video he gets ran over twice, he only gets picks when they play bad teams and it is thrown right to him and does anyone remember when DeMarco Murray and OBJ both destroyed him.

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