Richard Sherman’s Emotional Press Conference After Injury vs. Cardinals (Week 10) | NFL

Listen to Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, speak after suffering an injury against the Arizona Cardinals during Week 10.

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  1. I started bawling when he choked up. I'm a dancer and the passion I have for my sport is unfathomable. My doctor banned me from dancing due to a chronic hip injury.

  2. 49rs fans, as a Hawks Fan I want to congratulate you guys on your latest pickup in the offseason, Richard Sherman. I respect Sherman and he continues to be my favorite player. As a loyal Hawks fan I know that our proccess (rebuilding, building, whatever you want to call it) might take a long time and I am okay with that. What I am not okay with is the people who I know hated on my favorite cornerback before all of a sudden say stuff like he is the best corner of all time. I totally agree with that statement, however people should try and stick with thier on opinion. Please just stop trying to seem like Sherm was your guy all along. I'm fine if you are excited about your latest pickup, I would be to. If Richard Sherman reads this, I have major respect for you and thank you for 7 years with this organization. Hope you tear it up 49rs.

  3. Niners this is the kind of player we’re getting and he kept playing for his team. Seahawks fans? U Mad Bro? True warrior man he loves the game and he knew he was on the cut list. Let’s go niners.

  4. Love you Richard…welcome to the bay… you are a great strong soldier…humble on those sticks…Crabtree disrespected you…I grew up a niner fan…never hated you…bringing your veteran leadership and supreme intelectual and phychological prowess to help a young inexperienced team…thank you…I'm from the bay but I have family in belfair and Bremerton…love hawks and niners

  5. I’m a huge niners fan and I hated him. But now I miss the rivalry and playing against him. Good luck and Keep going Richard

  6. The amount of maturity he has gained these past 2 years has been incredible, I used to hate him but he really has grown up.

  7. Richard Sherman I hate to see you emotional like that makes me feel bad but I’m praying for you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾100%

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