Should Kyler Murray’s future be in the NFL or MLB? | ESPN Voices

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray has a decision to enter the NFL draft or play in the Athletics’ organization after being Oakland’s No. 9 overall pick in the 2018 MLB draft. Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre of High Noon, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption, Dan Le Batard, Israel Gutierrez and “Papi” of Highly Questionable, and Ramona Shelburne, Frank Isola and Tim Cowlishaw of Around the Horn weigh in on whether Murray’s future should be in the NFL or MLB.

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  1. Dwayne Haskins is 800% better than Kyler and Tua. Haskins was robbed for the Heisman. Plus, this show fucking sucks.

  2. If he has to go through a difficult process to play in the MLB and get a contract, he should play in the NFL. He’ll get paid right away.

  3. If you develop as a baseball player you got a shot to make a great longterm guaranteed money. I'd go for that personally but whatever makes you happy bro

  4. Hopefully Kyler does what he wants to do as a grown man. Bowmany should worry about his goddamn self🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. I was looking forward to him in the mlb, but i think he should choose baseball anyway. More money, way safer, would be part of an a's team who just shocked the league and made the playoffs

  6. For any other position other than quarterback He should choose baseball

    But here is the case for being a quarterback. Quarterback is the one position that NFL teams are willing to give large amounts of guaranteed money to. Aaron Rodgers is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL and he makes $33.5 million per year. Star quarterback’s now a days typically exceed $25 million per year.

    That is competitive with what the highest paid major league baseball player speak on a per year basis. It is fair to point out that major league baseball gives longer contracts and those contracts are fully guaranteed so even if a player becomes terrible they can still cash in.

    However perhaps Kyler Murray wants to become famous. Major league baseball has receded In popularity. Baseball tonight used to be on every single weekday but now it’s only a weekly show during the baseball season. The reason they made the changes because ratings dropped so much. Sports the beach or squarely talk about baseball even during its post season and when baseball is talked about it’s typically when players do something wrong like be racist or hit women.

    Peyton Manning,Tom Brady, drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers Are greater stars then what exists in baseball. These guys are famous even among people who are not at all sports fans. They have the ability to earn advertising money that is just not available for baseball stars. By advanced statistics Mike Trout is considered one of the greatest baseball players in history however he is virtually unknown compared to star NFL quarterbacks.

    Also NFL quarterbacks have the longest careers of any NFL players other than kickers and the lowest injury risk other than kickers and punters.

    Also baseball is very difficult. Many people say the hardest thing in all sports is hitting major league pitching. How do we know Kyler Murray isn’t a replacement level hitter at the major-league level?

    The only position it makes rational sense to choose over professional baseball is a quarterback

  7. If he’s chooses MLB he won’t be a pro right of way right? If he goes to the Nfl 1st round his rookie contract will be 10x more right off the bat especially since he is a quarterback

  8. You guys are all forgetting that in Football you have such a more chance of starting being a heisman winning QB, Baseball you will start max AA ball and there is no gurantee you’re moving up, you will have to fight your way up. Football whatever team drafts you, they’re most likely in need for a QB and want him as there starter. I am aware, in the long run if you do go big leagues, you can get alot of money injury free, but that’s an if, going football is a guranteed you’re starting but you can get injured. Plus the Athletics system doesn’t fit him for his future, the athletics are going to be an amazing team in a couple years, so baseball isn’t the best option. Everybody looks at " Oh well baseball you don’t really get injured ", but truly i think he should go football. We are talking about a 9th overall MLB pick who won’t play for 5 years, or he goes NFL right away and starts. Long run injury free, sure i guess MLB, but he is a insane football player. Football > Baseball.

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