The Gronk returns | 'America's Game: 2014 Patriots'

After being hampered by injuries in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, Rob Gronkowski returned in a very dominate way as he punished defenders week in and week out in the 2015 season.


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  1. So dumb that you can't upload the whole video without it being taken down because of copyright. And also they couldn't have picked a better narrator than Chris Evans? I mean c'mon man I was thinking it would be a big name like Mark Wahlberg or Matt Damon at least considering they're huge Patriots fans. I actually had to look up who Chris Evans was. His voice is so monotonous and boring

  2. idc what anybody else thinks. the patriots are an amazing team and they have a great organization. and im a panthers fan

  3. but brady wasnt supposed to play, were on to pittsburgh bitches, but the nfl appeal, were on to pittsburgh bitches, but- were on to pittsburgh bitches

  4. The Patriots=Cheaters
    Aka the Cheatriots/Deflatriots
    Tuckrule in 2001
    Spygate in 2003, 2004
    Deflatgate in 2014
    The Giants=The Patriot killers
    2001* 2003* 2004* 2014*
    Tom Brady* he's a cheater and nothing will change that
    0 Super Bowl wins without Cheating fact!
    Face it New England fans, the Patriots cheat!

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