The ONE Thing The Denver Broncos Must Do To Win Super Bowl 50 | NFL Now

Ike and MJD tell us the single most important thing the Broncos have to do if they want to if they want to sink the Panthers in the Super Bowl.

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  1. supermixbros…..2013 offense for BRONCOS was that Tebow? ;). I happen to love him and the BRONCOS! MY DOGS NAMES ARE Peyton (girl) and Tebow (boy)

  2. wtf MJD LOL… "and when opponents run for 125+ yds… Carolina doesn't do too well!" no I haven't checked the stats but I can guarantee you no one has ran for over 125 yds vs us this year lmao… MJD pulls all of this stuff out of his ass man

  3. Peyton will throw at least 2 INTs Lol. And Denver could still lose with 125 Rushing yards.
    Broncos need to put up like 40+ Points cuz the PANTHERS are lighting up the Score board averaging 40 points this Post season. That's 10 points every Qtr. 2 Scores EVERY QUARTER!! Denver Defense might play well but the Offense needs to keep up. I don't think that'll happen. Panthers Win.

  4. Peyton was better in the championship game than he was in the divisional game. I can see him taking one last step forward for his team in the Superbowl and pulling off the final victory of his career. Broncos take this one 24-17.

  5. Lol if y'all think Cam is going to run like a mad man think again. Look at the last 3 Super Bowls one team had a running QB and they were held in check. You win within the pocket. The Broncos secondary is going to shut them down just like NE.

    NE WR's > Panthers WR's

  6. peyton needs to not turn the ball over against the team that leads the league in takeaways lol. broncos arent running for 100 yds either lmao…

    also, MJD has been the biggest hater this season man! he's been saying the panthers wont even make the superbowl. cant trust what this guy says anymore

  7. all i know is its not going to be a high scoring game for either team Cam is gonna feel our defense and i think hes gonna be the only one throwing picks im pretty sure we can run for more than 125 yards on their defense

  8. No way in hell the Broncos are rushing for over 100 yards let alone 125, their run game was non existent against the Patriots and the Panthers have one of the best run stopping defenses in the NFL, and I can see Peyton throwing an interception or two in this game because of how big time the Panthers secondary is, now the only way the Broncos can win is if their defense keeps the game close, and it is very possible that it can happen, I'm expecting and hoping a close defensive game and I relatively low scoring affair, because if it isn't low scoring than the Panthers will run away with the Super Bowl

  9. It's crazy how many people jumped on the Panther's bandwagon. Before you didn't see any fans and now they're all over the place! Next year they'll be fans of another team.

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