Top 15 Plays of Week 13 | NFL 2018 Highlights

Check out all the runs, catches and incredible plays from Week 13 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. How is Linsey from broncos not there? a 75 yard TD and it wasn't a simple run he juked the players and got around them all

  2. Omg I am a genius. I thought of a way to make NFL entertaining again. NFL has been plagued with Women beaters and protesters leaving me with a sour feeling in my stomach towards the NFL.
    Solution: make every player regardless of their position make 50,000 a year yes that’s right “only” 50k. However to make every team play to win and quit crying The super bowl winning team players all get a bonus of 1 million 💵 as for the rest of the money that NFL makes it could be put towards cheaper health care for everyone!

  3. Aaron Donald splitting a double team while being held, to cause a forced fumble for his 16 sack of the season doesn’t make it? If it was Khalil Mack it would be number 1 🤦‍♂️

  4. The people that say that Odell is a better QB than Eli are retarded Eli has been a great QB for so long and in his prime he was better than most QBs rn and we don’t even need a QB yet

  5. As a falcons fan this makes very sad if anything the number 15 spot should have been replaced with Vic Beasley 75 yard TD

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