Two American Athletes Protest The National Anthem During The Pan-Am Games In Peru | TIME

Two American athletes at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, protested gun violence, racial injustice and the recent actions of President Donald Trump over the weekend, kneeling or raising a fist during the U.S. national anthem.
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Two American Athletes Protest The National Anthem During The Pan-Am Games In Peru | TIME


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  1. Okay what is said about it that everything right when he said that he wanted to have a competition and to be the number one I mean is it just me or this is going to be like a mix up right now that it's going to be like positive and negative a more negative than positive I mean my goodness this is not a competition this is called respectful or four of them how you said for them for the country for them self and to be a respectfully not at all how you say to pile of how you said I know that what I was the president of the United States of America what he done of a why he said on Twitter speech where supporters white nationalist and white supremacist especially that in a dog food web and internet that are have negative words because the damage has been done already but respectfully what he said everything about it I know that it's a future it looks like it's going to be of a negative impact like they're especially that now is going to be in to fear of another one, I mean what's going on inside the White House and what's going on for this President everyone to know that they focus on to be a responsibility to the Future in it come on but the damage has been done already but for this guy that we said on CNN about a dad dance you know that damage has been done already There's No Going Back sorry but of a new president's going to be responsibility on 20/20 you already know them some of you do is tell me you don't try to understand them if he or she could be responsibility only responsibility let me say this again responsibilities of a great of a leader that are have the right courage that for the American Works employees companies business in the economy that the focus on to the bed of the responsibility for the future she's always to be a brighter future

    PS I'm handicapped I speak of language and let's see something about a of a to B of an American one hdvd want to say something about it that what's going on with this is that what happened all this week and months and years everyone know that to be responsibility is always to beat moving forward to the future

  2. We all know this dude Kneeling says the “N” word when he’s driving in his car alone. The kneeling is what I guess is that white guilt stupid people talk about.

  3. Protest for what you believe in. Forget about what everyone else says. People will always run their mouths and tell you that you are wrong. Whatever! Ignore them they are not worth the air. Let them say what they want. You know what’s right in your heart. That’s all that matters. Keep kneeling until you don’t have to.

  4. Please keep kneeling while the adults run the country. We will win again and your disrespectful kneeling will become a thing of the past…Just another meaningless protest..Most of these band wagon riding wanna Be's have barely had a parking ticket and come from strong suburban families with plenty of money…GTFOH! Think for yourself idiots!

  5. Im glad you knelt, the anthem stems from a military background.. you kneel there like you have done anything to earn that anthem while you play your little sports games. You should kneel you coward.

  6. Time, How dare you report that they are protesting the American Anthem!!?? Thanks for spreading confusion and divisiveness.That really helps no one at a time like this. With American organizations like you who needs Russians?

  7. Ohhh look, another beta Cuck trying to virtue signal 🙄 and people wonder why o won't watch sports anymore. If the players aren't trash, the advertisers are.

  8. A slap in the face for the country that gave you all the opportunity. Stop saying immigrants when you mean illegal immigrants. Your love for "your country" seems to be conditional. Apparently, you don't know what love is.

  9. If these athletes were to be consistent with their protests (instead of ONLY taking a knee in front of an audience) then I might believe what they stand for. Otherwise, this is a disrespectful stunt.

  10. Time and the loser –
    Lemon Jussie’ing & Kim Fixx’ing America

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