Warriors became alarmed when Kevin Durant didn’t feel joy winning rings – Brian Windhorst | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan react to comments made by Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers about the Kevin Durant sign-and-trade with the Brooklyn Nets, and discuss whether they could have done anything more to keep KD.

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  1. He didn’t feel joy because Bob Myers said a TERRIBLE joke at the warriors championship parade ceremony when Fitzgerald asked Bob Myers about KD’s contract,

    Fitzgerald: “I heard you tell Kevin Durant he could have whatever contract he wants next year”

    Myers: “That was just for the media. He can’t have anything like that at all”

    Fitzgerald: “I think last year you told Steph (Curry) he could have any contract he wants, too”

    Myers: Yeah, that was different. He’s been here from the way-before days. He’s EARNED IT.”

    *Awkward moment – Curry looks at Durant – who was not laughing at comment

    Fitzgerald: “And there ended the Warriors cohesion, right there”

    The wise prophet Jermaine Cole once said “…all fun jokes contain TRUE shit, same rope you climb UP on they’ll HANG you with!”

  2. Where does this Fat Fuck getting this bullshit from. I swear the media are a bunch of drama queens. Cornballs…of course he could’ve left if he wanted to or not! It’s called his own life.

  3. Sports analyst and warriors organization should be ashamed of themselves dude helped yall win 2 more titles sport shows never give this man the credit he deserve people are idiots to would it been better if he joined LeBron, Celtics,rockets, or whomever your favorite team is 73-9 team also got beaten in the finals last time I checked Cleveland first year going against the warriors kyrie and k-love was hurt big pieces of that championship win and I guarantee people said the same thing when raptors won cause klay and kd were hurt raptors havent been put in the news since and its sad cause that's their 1st kawhi Leonard leaving got more press than the title win sport channels said first day it was a weak move now its what will they do without him make up your mind he wanted rings he got em so I guess teaming up with a former champion ain't weak these days its who have the best duo smh warriors organization seen this coming so why keep unhappy kd

  4. KD isn't happy because he realized the drama that comes with winning a championship it's almost like you wanted something so bad than you get it then it's not what you pictured I don't think KD has issues I think he's finally being True to himself

  5. I do NOT care about KD…He NEVER should have "Infiltrated" our TEAM! These "Thermal or Microwave" Teams (put together in a minute to win) are together for 2/3 yrs MAX. We HAVE enough DATA NOW; and NOBODY is Happy because it is NOT Organic! KD was a GMO Crop put into our (the Dubs) ORGANIC Garden…When that happened it CHANGED the whole Make-Up of the "Soil/Team", so to correct the situation you MUST plow it up and start over (but we Saved some Organic Seeds from before (Steph/Klay/Dray.) NOW at least The Dubs learned how to GROW an Organic Garden and keep the BAD Stuff OUT for the LONG HAUL! ( I think Boston learned the SAME lesson…You just can't let ANYONE in Your Garden! The Masai turned out to be a Better Gardener than Ainge.)

  6. Kd knew those rings mean nothing. Joining the championship favorites…. he didn't feel good about that weak ass move but desperate for a ring in his career. He may not get that in Brooklyn

  7. Remember when he first one MVP, he said it feels good to b #1 for once. He is always been underrated unfortunately he took the easy road. Tell me whatever you want sometimes money don’t bring happiness in KD case these 2 rings. It would have been incredible if OKC had kept the team

  8. Kevin Durant is a bitch. He always find ways to be negative. He will never be happy, no matter where he goes. It will always be one thing or another.

  9. If your not happy your then not happy because there's more to it then winning. KD is now with Kyrie Irvin a person he has love for, hes going to be paid more, going to build a team from scratch, got away from unnecesary drama and access to specific NY endorsements which are worth big money. And to him, that equals happiness.

  10. This is the best video I’ve been wanting to see you for a long time enough about Lakers and Clippers let’s rejoice on this week championships week week

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