Washington Redskins Pass on Colin Kaepernick

After starting quarterback Alex Smith broke his leg followed by backup quarterback Colt McCoy suffering the same injury, Mark Sanchez was brought in. The Redskins said they considered Colin Kaepernick but decided to go in a different direction, subsequently hiring Josh Johnson to back up Sanchez. The question remains if Kaepernick is blacklisted by the NFL. RT America’s Steve Christakos joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss.

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  1. Controversy is not profitable is the reason money controls all! Sadly what divide and conquer knapernic, if his names spelled right, isn't telling you is why things are the way they are. I'm gonna take a few to give the truth! What we don't realize is the true purpose of Hollywood, the music industry, and television. These three things filled with false idles aren't for entertainment but for steering society in a wanted direction by the powers that shouldn't be and that direction is DIVIDE AND CONQUER! If they keep us divided we aren't powerful or a threat to them so they take our differences and divide us into groups whether it be race, sex, sexual preference, or whatever. Which all that's been in the works for sometime in the past few years by using emotional triggers they are turning us against one another at an ever increasing speed. So back to why krapperneck is kneeling to further the divide but isn't gonna expose how media is using African Americans thru the stereotyping that they created to further the divide. MTV and ghetto rap has pushed this ghetto thug thing so hard that has influence many African Americans into that lifestyle which in return creates a stereotype which makes cops target African Americans for drugs guns and illegal behavior. That's why so many brainwashed cops shoot so many African Americans that are innocent but at the same time some aren't. Which creates media stunts like Ferguson and Charlotte so they can make more hate and more division! Media is such a powerful mind control tool it influences almost everything people do whether they realize it or not. They use these differences thru emotion to oppress Every single one of us and in America this is called project mockingbird. I won't get into the bread and circus distraction that sports are which is a waste of testosterone. Right now their using the fake biapartisan left right paradigm very effectively to destroy the United States from within Trump was chosen to push the divide to an all time high and I don't see how this nation DOSENT see it. With him they are pushing so much division it's mind boggling for the fact the U.N., the Talmud followers, and other elite scum want a one world satanic government but to get there the usa must fall and slowly but surely thru many tactics they will see it thru! We the American people hold the power if we unite as one and they know it! We're in this sinking ship together if we're fighting about why it's sinking we aren't fixing the breach and we're gonna sink. Washington is too far gone we the people are at fault but so is the federal reserve thru our ignorance that they gave us! They have been outta control for years and we must fix that. Voting is a waste of time they are preselected by evil and have been for a long time last true president was JFK and look what happened there. To my fellow Americans please heed my message here we must work together this victim competition must stop we all are victims in some shape form or fashion. Different races aren't your enemy we have to unite if we truly want freedom, no more actual racism, and the America that we were all brainwashed in school that it was. If I help one person with this message I didn't waste my time!

  2. NFL teams don’t blackball players. They want to win. If a team believed Kap would help them win he would be signed to spite other teams.

  3. I knew this would happen after smith broke his leg. People forget that kap was never a great qb and that there are new players entering the nfl every year. Kap has his chance and he turned it down. Anyone that has ever played any organized sports knows about player/parent baggage and how that effects the team.

  4. The Redskins are already dealing with controversy with the name of their team too. That has to be added into the equation, for the fact that scalping your enemies head to display dominance was a very brutal and inhumane tactic. So yeah eagles fan on that lol.🦅🦅🦅🦅

  5. Not surprised that the Redskins didnt get cap for the fact that they had rg3 and they gave him up due to injuries and poor performance. They dont want that controversy they want wins, nothing more nothing less. Football wasnt made for politics but i still like what cap did by kneeling. He used his freedom of speech and i cant be mad at that. Im a man of the Constitution more then the flag in all honesty. So cap will always be remembered for what he did, thats something that wont die, because it was a moment in time.

    I think he deserves a second chance like mike vick got even though its two different circumstances. Only time will tell.

  6. He's not that good. He can only succeed in a very particular offensive scheme. Besides, the media circus that follows him will never be worth it.
    This is Stale news folks

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