Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants Week 4 NFL Game Preview

Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants Week 4 NFL Game Preview

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  1. We should have drafted Montez sweat the pass rusher that the Redskins got right after our stupid ass pic Dexter Lawrence who is just somebody who tackles people at the line of scrimmage…… There are so many defensive tackles who can stop the run he's not the 17th pick in the first round stupid pick stupid pick stupid pick we need pass-rushers and we did not get one in the entire draft and now it's going to hurt us for the next 3 or 4 years

  2. Redskins win:we have momentum going in our bye week(we dont have a game in week 5,nope. Not a game at all…😬😬😬😬)

    Redskins loose:Jay GruDONE is FIRED.

    Win-win situation.

  3. Had they drafted Josh Allen & Greedy Williams, the Pass D wouldn’t have been dead last. No LB to speak of either. Much to my surprise, AZ reject Markus Golden is D, only defender doing work with 3 sacks. That’s it! Jack Wabbit has regressed each year after 2016. When you have a feeble DC with feeble defensive players, defensive scheme become irrelevant. Inept organization. Jints may win vs Skins simply because these are two sewage squads.

  4. Skins win 24-17, D.Jones throws 2 TD'S and 2 INTS, C.Keenum throws 2 TD'S and 0 INTS and A.Peterson has a rushing TD, that's my scoring summary

  5. The Giants are trash, They had an easy schedule and the skins went against the Cowboys, Eagles, and the Bears, if we switched schedules, it’ll be a lot easier for the skins, I got them winning 21-10

  6. The redskins d coordinator is trash and made Chicago’s shitty offense look like a super bowl contending offense . Giants 350- redskins -2

  7. Giants have no talent
    But due to redskins awful defensive coordinator the giants will just throw the ball and make sterling Sheppard look amazing

    27-17 giants

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