Why the Broncos Should Stick with Brock Osweiler | X's & O's Film Breakdown | NFL

Maurice Jones-Drew and Bucky Brooks pull out the tape on Denver Broncos QB Brock Osweiler and explain why he should keep the job for the rest of 2015 instead of putting future Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning back under center.

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  1. Brock with Broncos : Hes gonna do good. He should stay.

    Brock with Houston: He could be a bust. Hes over paid. He should not be a starter. Not a franchise qb.


    Welcome to Houston Mr. Osweiler

  2. I believe we should DEFINITELY keep Brock. This vid was posted a long time ago, and we did lose 2 games in a row, BUT its not Brocks fault. He did say that they learn from their mistakes and they will fix them.

  3. Brock was NO STUD basketball player in highschool hahah I was at that highschool, an we had losing record every year lol. he was jus the tall guy on the team with a bunch of six foot or unders

  4. Brock may be the next aaron rodgers… look at what rodgers behind favre for 3 years, which was absolutely nothing until favre got injured

  5. MJD you can keep your sorry! you're gonna look like an even bigger fool after we KO the Patriots Sunday night, Yup we're gonna go full on Holly Holm vs the Patriots, the Patriots being Ronda Rousey.

  6. Payton is done and so are the broncos. Might as well go ahead and give the lombardi trophy to the deflatriots.

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