'Penguins' filmmakers on finding a rock-n-roll penguin lead, promoting conservation

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Libya's Leader Speaks Out

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Teacher who said she was fired over topless selfie says she 'lost everything'

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Texas Pro-Gun Crusaders Take Extreme Open Carry Approach

Members of Open Carry Texas brazenly carry assault rifles in public to promote gun rights….

Chris Dorner: Ex-LA Cop Wanted in Killing Spree

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Nipsey Hussle's legacy lives on in the Los Angeles community

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Deadly High-Speed Police Chases

New report says 10,000 people injured in California in past 10 years. source

Man arrested for murder of USC student who mistook car for Uber

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Born into the Mob

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Lone Survivor of 1987 Plane Crash Breaks Silence

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Ariz. Woman Faces Death Penalty in Boyfriend's Slaying

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