How to Install the JellyBomb JellyBean Rom on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

This video will show you how to install the JellyBomb Jelly Bean Rom on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3. Based on Android 4.1.1 JB. Any questions, just ask!
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  1. Any idea if tihs will work on a uscellular phone? I'm currently running cyanogen 10.0 running android 4.1.2. I'm looking for the best rom or some suggestions of ones I can try on my phone. Rom manager app only has a couple and I've tried them all but I'd like to know what you think is a good one and if you have a vid on installing it and if it will work on a us cellular phone. Thanks. Also, any advise on how do install clockworkmod on a samsung axiom? Cant find a link anywhere to help.

  2. The video didn't really help me. Sorry for posting so much, Just really want this rom and this is the first GS3 that I have tried this with

  3. Thanks for the help Quick Question : as of now (nov 19 2012 ) i see " JELLYBOMB JELLYBEAN ROM ver. 8.0.0 – ALL ROMS AND MODS ARE HERE!!! ANOTHER MIRROR
    when I click that it sends me to another page and I wasnt sure what to do after that please help

  4. That is very odd that they did not show up on CWM, were you looking in the place that you put them? Either SD card or Internal storage? Because to install a mod, you flash it just like you would a ROM, but rather than wiping everything, you just go to install zip for SD card, and fine it through that.


  5. awww ok. That's so sad. Well thanks! Keep on making your awesome video. Love the fact you're a sprint fan because i can always come to you for help. One more question about this ROM. Can you make a video or reply to this comment on how to install mods for it. I went on the link and clicked on the mods, but when i downloaded them to my phone I didn't know what to do with them. and they wouldn't even show up through CWM recovery when i tried to install from zip. Thanks in advance!

  6. Sorry, my mistake, it is from a different ROM. You would have to be on LG2 to be able to have the CRT animation, you can no longer get it on LG8 (samsung broke something) sorry did not realize that had happened.


  7. can anyone get the ability to speak to the phone to take a picture,answer the phone,or control the music player? also the camera app does not work like the jelly bean camera that i hve seen on other jb phones

  8. I tried downloading the JellyBomb rom on my s3 but once I download the rom it goes back to the cyanogenMod rom that I had before. how can I download the rom without the cyanogenmod popping up.

  9. P.S. It looks like it says LIH now instead of Li3 but I get just past the "Samsung Galaxy SIII" screen, then the screen goes black, i can hear the sprint boot up sound but see nothing and the LED light pulses light/reg blue.

  10. Hey man I have been watching a lot of your vids the past day or two. I flashed freegs3 earlier and was having fun with it but decided I wanted to try jellybomb jellybean. However it just keeps getting stuck booting up. Did full wipe and both cache wipes before installing and still no-go. I know my modem was on Li3 so maybe that is my problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Seems like you need to be on the LIH firmware to install the latest version. But I am having issues with installing the LIH. Do you need to install the modems in order? It keeps failing when I try to update it. I did go back to stock recovery from Clockwork mod. Even the Modem Flasher does not support LIH 🙁

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