How to Manually Update the Nexus S 4G To official Android 4.0.4 ICS

This video will show you how to manually update your Sprint Nexus S 4G to the official Android 4.0.4 Ice cream sandwich build! Any questions, please ask. Be sure to subscribe!

File is found here:

REVIEW of official Android 4.0.4 ICS:
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  1. when i do my update the genuine way myphone reboots and while installing the update it stops and shows that same exclamation mark with that android and hangs there?? what should i do??

  2. how can i get back to root? i flashed the but now when i try to get back into recovery i get the little android guy lying down on his back with a red triangle??? I want to be able to get back there to flash a different kernel and get back my wifi tether.

  3. i unrooted the Nexus S Thank You qbking77 and then it updated it to 4.0.4 on wifi, i didnt activate it.

  4. I have the leaked 4.04 build IMM26 on my phone that I installed when the "Leak" was posted. My Sprint Nexus S 4G is NOT rooted. Can I download this new build update and update my phone? Or do I need to go back to Gingerbread? If so, how do I do that?

  5. I believe you're fine. 😛 The phone automatically put .zip on the file you named "" this means you could have named it "Update". You'll be fine.

  6. I did this method but renamed it and it came up on my install from sd as and i installed it anyway and it so far has been working okay but could it cause future problems?

  7. Got the IT'S update today. Its ok but honestly its over hyped to me. Switched to the Moto Photon last month and like it a lot better! Got nexus s 4g running off wifi

  8. i went back to stock then did the ota update. i left the phone unlocked. now how to get rooted again so that i can use titanium pro to restore some of my apps? i do have ics on it and working just want my hotspot and tether to work again without paying extra it is a sprint phone

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  12. Thanks for showing how to do the update. Really liking ICS been waiting for the update since it was announced. everything seems to run real smooth. going to test it for a couple of days before I install it on the other NS4G.

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