How to Update Radios on the HTC EVO 4G LTE

This video will show you how you can update the radios on your HTC EVO 4G LTE through your custom recovery. Any questions, just ask!

Radio files:

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  1. I'm on hboot 1.12 s-on their was a way to update the radios before without having s-off can you send me a link I can't seem to find it anymore or is it gone

  2. Does it matter what hboot you have? I have hboot1.19 s-off using dirty racun. Currently running mean bean. I downloaded the latest radio via Capt. Throwback but I'm hesitant to flash it in TWRP because it says it's for Hboot 1.12. Any advice?

  3. 1) just updated to latest Mean Rom V 4.2 from 4.1. Had previously installed the latest radio over Mean Rom v 4.1. Following installation of V 4.2 I Noticed I the previous version of the radio Tried to reinstall the following your video and it failed. Is it because the new radio doesn't work with Mean Rom V 4.2? What should I do? 2) I had both radio zip files on my sd card, should I have deleted the old radio? Thanks so much for your help! John B

  4. Thanks man.. I used feed panda to get s off and finally get the radio update but now for some reason when I try to flash a new rom TWRP doesn't recognize any MD5 so it fails no matter what I do.. Any advice??? Also if you don't mind, is there a better way to get ahold of you? Email maybe? jarod848@gmail

  5. okay after two attempts, it finally worked. Thanks, I'll be sure to pay more attention next time. thanks again.QBKing77 you are the man!!!

  6. I keep gettimg a "failed" to unzip (in TWRP). I've downloaded to SD and the moved to internal SD and it still doesn't work. What am I doing wrong. I've downloaded the twice and still no go. Any help with this?

  7. Must have been trying to flash the bootloader version in TWRP. Tried it again this AM and re-downloaded the TWRP version. Worked flawlessly. Have tried this out briefly (4G service in Houston). This radio rocks. The download is approx same (8 Mbps) in this particular site but upload speed went up by 50% (7 Mbps to 12 Mbps).

  8. Followed the rooting instructions for the interim root and then permanent root for the LTE. the bootkoader says ***TAMPERED*** ***UNLOCKED*** JEWEL PUT SHIP S-ON RL
    Sounds like from your question that I should have S-OFF. But I definintely have root (per ROOT CHECKER and TITANIUM BACKUP) and TWRP is loaded.

  9. Props for all of the very excellent videos you produce and post. I am running into confusion on this one. Rooted, s-on. the file continues to fail in TWRP, even though I have the file at the root level of my SD card (Not the external card). Went back through XDA to view comments but they seem to be saying the setup I have is good for flashing through TWRP. Have downloaded file twice in case I had an error the first time.

  10. Josh, please reply? I'm currently rooted with s on.. I'm wondering if this radio update is even worth being the only reason I would go s off? Are there any advantages with this radio update? I'm curious because we just recently upgraded to 4g LTE in Sedalia Mo and if it boosts signal then I'm definitely interested.

  11. what is s off and why is it needed I just updated the system update for this phone and it says u loose your s off whatever that is I only updated for the fix with the speaker 3g/4g u know.

  12. You SHOULD be able to use odin to update his radios if he's not rooted… Not sure if there's a flashable through odin of the latest radio though.

  13. thanks amigo…hey qbking i have two question regarding the galaxy nexus!! One of my friend/co-worker has had the galaxy nexus since day one and ever since 4g lte hit the scenes, he can't get 4g lte signal on his device but i can?? Is there a way to manually update the nexus radio without root?? hes was an iphone guy and was a big at&t phanboy,I tried my best to convert him to the winning side (sprint/android)..please hit me up if you have heard anything regarding this?

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