Tesla’s electric car crash under investigation

Authorities say they are investigating whether the technology failed or something else happened.


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  1. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-mercedes-crash-20180508-story.html

    "Tesla failed to stop at an intersection", Autopilot isn't made to see red lights or stop signs at this time, user error. Tesla also hit a fire truck in another story, you still have to pay attention cuz Tesla is only at level 2 out of 5 in full automnomy self driving. It's explained this way when you buy the car.

    Mercedes was in a car chase again user error. Mercedes hit a bus, user error. No auto pilot so stop with the auto pilot news, cuz it seems the news didn't do their research on how auto pilot works before reporting.

    Point being, major news only highlights what it wants to show even though both brands did the same thing.
    Now check who pays for ads on the news Network.

    For those who think I'm a fanboy, I own both a Mercedes and a Tesla. Pros and cons with both brands.

  2. Gas or electric, autonomous or manually driven…doesn't matter. Cars are dangerous and will crash regardless. Driving is dangerous. Period.

    But that's life…you're alive one day and dead the next. That's how it is. Humans will never make their existence death-proof.

    My advice is to live every day like it's your last…and not worry about the death part. Death is not to be feared–it's simply a doorway. Besides, worrying about death will not help you to live longer lol. Quite the opposite, actually.

    Be happy and trust in God 😉

  3. Listen this is not the first time this has happened with a Tesla car and apparently the product is very very defective now granted it is partially the responsibility of the driver but it is also the responsibility of the manufacturer of that car and someone puts a bomb in my car and I don't know it and I blow up it's not my responsibility it's partially my responsibility cuz I got in it but it's not my responsibility if I didn't put it in there

  4. Going by statistics you will die in a Gas manually operated car 100 times before you die in a self driving electric car. Big oil, the Fossil car industry lobbyists are sick of Tesla. They thought they could keep scamming us for another 500 years.

  5. come on. I am tired of this news about Tesla. just google the data. numbers don't lie.
    17 gas cars catch fire every hour in the United States. that is more than 145,000 a year.
    5,808,272 car accidents occur every year in the U.S. 15,913 accidents per day.
    Almost 200,000 people die from fatal injuries every year – the equivalent of about one person every three minutes.

  6. To all the Tesla Fanboys out there who are commenting "why don't you report other car crashes this way" Well 99.9% of other cars on the road do not use this new technology, which makes these stories newsworthy. And it's not only Tesla, they've reported on every Uber Volvo that crashed as well while using autonomous driving… You dumb asses are blinded by your worship of Tesla and Elon Musk to know that there is such a thing called "constructive criticism", and you are just adding to the problem when you blindly defend Tesla and Musk for legitimate concerns.

    If all you people (and Elon Musk) would look at these crashes and wonder "what went wrong, and how can we fix it" instead of "there is nothing to see here, quit picking on us!" Maybe Tesla would grow as a company and not be on the edge of collapse.

  7. There are lithium batteries that do not catch fire under development. I have seen them (and they are here on you-tube). The accidents in these cases cannot be the fault of the autopilot (I prefer driver assist as a more correct term) as the agreement is that you never give up control of the car, so the car is never truly in control. That being said, I would say that the marketing needs to be changed to reflect that. Instead of self-driving car, driver assisting car. Too many people are going to get themselves killed doing stupid things. I am not saying these two boys were doing anything stupid, but it is human tendency to push too hard against the limits of technology.

    Given the scrutiny these cars will be under for a while, a black box type data device needs to be part of the cars. If it it already is, then good. Tesla will have to fight so many things, competitor smear campaigns, fear, mindless blame, etc.

    When something does happen that is caused by their vehicle, they will need all the data. Remember the people who could not drive blaming Toyota?

  8. We need to keep our eyes on the road and our hands on the wheels. Autopilot is not what people think. Additionally, did anyone catch that the battery of that Tesla that caught on fire and killed that man in California that the battery caught on fire again a week later in the lot!!! I knew they were flammable but omg.

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