Training an Aggressive Dog | National Geographic

Dog Whisperer: Ellie & J.J. and Oscar –
Cesar takes on an emergency case – can he rehabilitate Oscar dog before his owner gives birth?
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Training an Aggressive Dog | National Geographic

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  1. Kids, small children, babies are stupid. They go to hug a dog like that, and then they die. Owner and dog are blamed. All unnecessary trouble. Don't get a pit, when you plan to have children. And for all those people who say pits are good. No question, there are good ones out there, but it takes only the one that is bad to kill a kid.

  2. My dog is very kind to humans but because she wasn't exposed to other dogs as a puppy, when she sees a dog, she thinks she's dominant (chest up, arms and legs standing tall, ears firm, etc.) he snarls, shows teeth, and snaps, especially with younger dogs. She's 3 years old and a chihuahua mix. I wanna be able to walk her near other dogs but I can't really do that bc there's a 90% chance she'll attack or growl. I try to show dominance by pinning her down when it happens, punishment like, "No! Bad dog!" But she just doesn't seem to get it. She's very aggressive to other dogs due to lack of exposure as a pup but what should I do? How do I get her to be calm with other dogs and to even play with them sometimes? Please help

  3. Look up the reason and how pit bulls were bread. What purpose did they serve. And educate yourself. The reason they cause the most deaths out of any breed is because they fight the dogs, and train them aggressively. Now the dogs have a natural love for humans but they also have a natural aggressiveness for fighting and not backing down. So yes they are very dangerous dogs if not trained and socialized properly. So if your not 100% fully invested in giving A+ training to this dog don't get it and don't have it around your kids if you do get one.

  4. Don't ever get littermate/sibling
    pitbulls (or mix of pitbull anything).
    I regret it, especially after 2 days
    ago, on their 2nd birthday exactly.
    They're both fixed, one is male &
    other is a female. She WILL NOT
    STOP. No matter how bad it
    gets, she has the pitbull stereotype
    down-pat when it comes to
    not backing down. She previously
    was the starter but she hurt
    her brother in his back legs so
    now, he is very defensive. And
    he is a freaking BEAST. Now,
    neither one will stop without
    intervention. It's only just happened
    a few times since they've been
    "mature", but it really rattles
    me to the core. I've had them
    since they were babies, long
    story, I only wanted one but
    the brother went to a very bad
    home & ended up in the pound.
    I'm a softy, so he got to be
    with his sissy. I figured that
    was a good thing… DON'T DO IT!
    Anyway, I ended up with a big
    puncture wound, many scratches,
    bruises, etc. (Monday eve).
    My dr called in an antibiotic &
    I'm capable of self care. I did
    all of what Caesar has taught
    but in the middle of the
    "excitement", it's very challenging
    to be a 5'5" muscular yet female
    dog mom, to lift two 65 lb
    pitbull mix dogs, in FULL FIGHT
    MODE, up. I was bitten by the
    male but it wasn't meant for
    me. They're the most gentle
    dogs toward kids & humans,
    I've ever had, minus jumping
    of excitement when people come
    home. I'm working on that bc
    it's damn annoying & can be
    painful! Anyway, I want advice
    on this issue I've tried to describe
    as best I can. CESAR has
    & had assistance. I'm alone
    typically. And getting rid of them
    isn't an option honestly. They're
    great pets, only have had their few moments
    (which are just sibling rivalry
    at its worst, in my opinion)…
    so, any decent advice or any
    resources/websites, that gives
    me some more help? A "bite stick"
    wouldn't even come close to
    stopping them. I've a paint
    stick (6' long or so) that they
    don't give a hoot about & doesn't
    stop them. Next time, the
    Louisville Slugger will come
    out to play, but I'm not crazy
    about hitting my dog(s) with
    a bat! Thanks 👍

  5. We had an aggressive terrier mix named Maggie who'd try to bite people on the street and would always growl at our whippet/German shepherd mix named Sidney. We couldn't ever get her to stop and Sidney dealt with it really well most of the time. But I guess one time she got sick of it and they started fighting until she picked Maggie up by the scruff of her neck and flung her over her about two feet across the yard (clearly didn't intend to hurt her because she could've done much worse). Guess a lesson was learned since Maggie wouldn't look at Sidney or interact with her for a while. Then literally an hour later it was like she forgot the entire thing and was growing at her again. I'm definitely not saying it's the dog's fault (it never is), but in my experience small dogs tend to be more high-strung and snappy.

  6. my pit is so aggressive to my other dog she's a chihuahua/yorkie but she older and they go on fights and the pit always bites me and I always try to be a leader but she bites me all the time I need help?

  7. see if you have to teach your child to not touch your dog, look at your dog in the eyes, or be around it then thats not a dog you should have around your child. I had a lab growing up from the time i was an infant and i could literally put my hands in her mouth and dress her up and she would just sit there haha. now i dont know about you but i sure as hell wouldnt let my child play dress up with that dog.

  8. I need help with my pitbull/ Chihuahua mix. He growls and bites when he doesn't want to move and he gets angry when we put him in the vest. I don't want to lose him but I can't have my niece and nephew around till I am sure he won't hurt them. please someone help

  9. For those of you who don't like the breed Don't be ignorant educate yourself on the breed before judging I mean positive hands on education I had every right to judge this breed when I was attacked two different times growing up but a while after my attacks as a dog lover I did just that this breed is not a monster people make it that way and this is animal nature in the wild dogs kill each other as do other animals they don't think like us so go badger another topic y'all are obviously in no place to judge nothing but hate humans are more dangerous than animals I have two Pit bull type dogs now and they are the best dogs I've ever had and I'm not worried about them cause they are gentle souls why because I know first hand how to work with this breed the only reason these dogs are targeted is because it's what ignorant people who believe everything they hear wanna see the first Pit bull attack I had was half Great Dane but no they said in their reports it was a Pit bull it's so rediculous I saw the discrimination I knew it was wrong I said he was a mix and they just said well he "looks" like a Pit bull so he's going to be reported as such I hate it so many dog attacks arnt even pure bred American Pit Bull Terriers these dogs are the highest ranking in temperament test so really get a better argument I've been through hell and I still did what was right no dog breed should be targeted like this. Yes my attacks were brutal and traumatic I had to have a series of rabies shots but even as a child I was wiser and strong minded enough to change my negative way of thinking maybe y'all should grow up and do the same

  10. Bullshit! Go to Pits killed 251 people last year. Over half were children. 79% of those children were 2 years old or under! They killed 67% of the people that were killed by dogs! Yet they are only 5% of the dog population. Bad owners my ass. It's the damn pits, idiots! If you keep a pit, and it kills your baby or a neighbors toddler, you should serve life for 1st. degree murder, because you have got to know better!!!!!!!! There are NO trustable pits, ever.

  11. Sticks and stones Kelly. You do realize that we are talking about an uncontrollable pit being around a baby? Now maybe it don't bother you at all to risk you own child being torn to pieces but I will kill the pit every time! Just in case! I have never seen a pit that was under control off leash, never. Other breeds yes, pits no. They are as untrainable as artic wolves, and almost as dangerous! You keep them and sooner or later, you or someone around you will get hurt.

  12. You are just disgusting! AND I have been bitten by WAY more small skillet lickers aka small breeds than large breeds including pits! How about you just stay away from dogs period! You have no business being around dogs if you cant take the time to properly train them! Someone needs to take a shop hammer or bushmaster to you!

  13. They are sweet alright. 67% of all dog attacks come from pits! Another 14% come from rotts. Even German Shepherds and Dobermans only come in at 3%. To even think of having this piece of shit around a baby is insane! There is only one action for a pit, kill it! If you want a dog, get a cocker spaniel or a lab. A bushmaster is a great tool to use with a pit, it takes the guts right out the asshole. I prefer a good shop hammer myself. Teaches them to stay the first time 🙂

  14. Have you ever been around a true American Pit bull Terrier? I'm guessing no? And the kid part, I bet you you don't know a lot about the breed, just what you hear in the media. They were named America's Dog and the Nanny dog because of their love for children. I've had multiple Pit bulls all my life and have never had any sort incident. Even Helen Keller had a Pit bull. Pit bulls have done so many amazing things and it's people like you that are helping the banning of these wonderful dogs. Shame.

  15. shamuroxy: it is NOT how the owners treat the dogs! What it really boils down to is people like to keep up with fads, thinking its the in thing to own a pit or rotty, etc, and with a meak or subdued personality, the dog always has the control! So its people who dont think about their lifestyles before jumping into buying a dog. A dog is a wonderful thing under the proper circumstances.

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