Trump administration to remove climate reviews for major projects

The Trump administration is trying to remove climate change as an environmental barrier in major infrastructure projects. New York Times reporter Lisa Friedman joins CBSN to discuss the impact new infrastructure planning has on climate change.

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  1. Trump doesn't care about the climate of Earth. He's doing everything in his power to further destroy the environment because "aMeRi-cUH" and "mY eGo iS BiGgER aNd bEtTeR tHaN yOuRS".

    And I'm speaking as an American myself (and just because I oppose Trump and his administration, that does not mean I am a liberal). He's a bigger disgrace to America than Obamacare during its initial stages because at least Obama tried to be beneficial to people that lacked healthcare. Trump's just an idiot.

  2. lol  tissue's needed – "NOT" you crybaby's are hilarious.!!! your controllers have been spouting this crap for 50+ years and new York harbor is "STILL" right were it was "WAY" back in the 50s. get a life and stop drinking the cool aide "idiots".!!!

  3. If he doesnt believe in climate change…even though its scientifically proven & Obviously happening …every body is entitled to their opinion!…But Mr. Dipshits beliefs are actually hazardous for our environment…that effects in some shape or form, matter where your @…We are all residents of Earth, well most i guess! You know who you are👁©️U

  4. Trump is a real estate salesman who specializes in ocean front properties. Sea level rise. Fake news. Sign here for your beach front home

  5. So ridiculous how most republicans think they're against the establishment the "liberal elite", but then they get so easily brainwashed into shilling for the giant corporations that give absolutely no fuchs about their well-being.

  6. Global Warming IS A FARCE

    Climate Change has happened since the beginning of time

    If FRACKING caused “Environmental” problems, the Middle East and State of Texas would have Imploded by now!!

    The XL Pipeline Defunded Terrorism… The politicians use Terrorism to control populations!

  7. Politicians should have no say on environmental anything .. Leave that to the big wildlife/nature collages because they might actually understand something othwr than money and power

  8. Why are you dodging the fact we will extinguish a couple diferent animals/amfibians/maybe plants/cacti/ and trees ….. "Lies bring death and secrets build walls "

  9. It really doesn't matter, there are no more humans by 2050 or sooner….there are already to many GHG's in the atmosphere and we are steaming forward at an accelerating rate.

  10. Climate Change due to fossil fuel CO2

    The biggest fraud in the history of science.

    Address real pollution and poor peoples’ – in Africa and elsewhere – inability to get abundant, reliable energy.

  11. So we were paying people…to potentially make construction MORE expensive and slow it down? This is the reason I voted for Trump. He is putting an end to this nonsense. We were literally paying people whos job was to slow down development and make it more expensive. And don't pretend like the world will come to an end becuase Trump fired a bunch of useless inspectors. Even if we banned ALL c02 emissions in the entire United States, it would not stop climate change from happening.

  12. Listen I have something to say Go WATCH TONY HELLER Thank You Tony you are a real scientist They use it to take everything away and make everyone 🐑ish thank you Tony everyone needs to be more positive so we dont get lured by hungry psychos out to make let me say it………..MONEY MONEY AND GREED……..If we dont spread knowledge people will be on the climate bandwagon this happened years ago and it hasn't changed since whoever has actual education should be working for nasa not 🐑ish people I'm sorry if anyone falls for this hoax because of all the fake media and lies spread by nasa and others I hope people start realizing this theres a ton of fake news I dont know alot about earth but this got me stressed out it's not worth it plz people spread positivity and trust no More LIES I've told some in my lifetime but why would people fall for this because of those sheep people And NASA and other media like to lie to get people on there side and make buttload of money remember we fought for our freedom we do everyday to be apart of the USA Spread positivity and Love and listen I'm not trying to spread hate me and people try to spread the truth but somethink otherwise have a good day hope this made you better god bless the innocent in this world AMEN 🙏 And I forgot to mention C.O.N.T.R.O.L. And just because I'm a nobody from the internet dosent mean u should be trusting people with no facts and there pulling this outta their a** Be safe dont let them take away our freedom Have a good day now tbh they have made conclusions but none of them are true trust TONY. ITS DOSE GREENIES LETS SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT WHEN THEY FALL INTO THE DEEPEST PART OF THE FIRE BALL IN THE UNDER WORLD. That felt better to get that off my chest STOP SPREADING LIES…Climate Change Is a SCAM….LETS SINK that in but most people ramble that facts here there but listen…I bet your less educated because I reccomend Wathing Tony Heller spread the truth or they will get their MONEY THAT THEY DONT DESERVE…

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