Adam Nicolson: The King James Bible | Nat Geo Live

British author Adam Nicolson offers a sweeping look at the work that went into translating the King James Bible, first published 400 years ago and still the most influential Bible translation of all time.
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Adam Nicolson: The King James Bible | Nat Geo Live

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  1. No bible masterpiece can exist that removes 7 books from the Old Testament, believed to be the Written Word of God for over 1,100 years (until a Catholic Priest named Luther said otherwise).

    Interesting though, the Original King James version of 1611 had all those books in it.

    Who had the authority to remove them?

  2. Wow i cant believe Britain gave a drunk and king with no intelligence to sign Bibles. That's why i dont believe in Bible to be the word of God, people who never left the alcohol authorized it and people who never met Jesus write it. What a joke, if you want someone to accept Bible as something true, provide me the Bible according to Jesus, not according to men who never spoke or never even met with Jesus.

  3. Adam Nicholson is a joke and his info on King James is completely inaccurate. King James was a noble man who loved God, unlike his ungodly mother "bloody Mary". The KJV is the greatest book ever translated and the most accurate translation even to this day. All other bibles are corrupted and from the vatican Alexandrian text. Praise God for 1611 and preserving his word forever!

  4. Bible is in man and woman and it's up to us to read it and in the fruit of us it is read and the spirit it is read to us and to believe and receive the words of God and to have faith in the Son of man in Christ to believe and receive God blessings.for each has and is the path of the Lord, nothing is greater than the love of God for us,if we believe in the kingdom of God and his only Son Jesus Christ, praises are in the House of the Lord,holy one

  5. Adam Nicolson is far to obsessed with the superficial form and style of the language instead of its content and meaning as the Word of GOD!

  6. Hi,

    Christians, where any of you listening? The WORD has from the begining been corrupted, hidden, changed, exagerated, warped etc … for political end, for style etc …. how can you say that THis is the WORD? You can love the book, but its not the word of God.

  7. So do I and our God has preserved His Words. He will use the foolish things of this world to confine the wise, so true. They are still attacking our God's words, what else would Satan do..I see why satan hates King James…

  8. Mohammed dreamed up a different story from that of the Bible. Different Jesus, different gospel. And Muslims are ignorant for believing his version as much as Mormons are ignorant for believing Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon. Pure nonsense!

  9. WOW, guys, calm down, Religion and different views of Religion and Scripture are for everyone; let's try to be respectful, even when we differ. This guy is obviously biased; I am sure we can deal with that.

  10. then repent which mean to turn away from sin. Don't look at it a loss of living but of freedom of controll which is sin. Ask god for truth ask god to see his pain you will see that his longest suffering is not for trees, animals but you. For his son freed you from sin and death and we insist to be defeated

  11. i say to anybody who dont bieleve in god to test him… what do you have to lose……… if you seek him whole heartdly he will come….. he says if you seek him and knock on his door he will not ignore you. But you have to bieleve that you truly want to seek him. easy asking would be for energy, joy, peace, truth, help! remember don't look at him as GOD but your father for you are his children. Understand jesus was his son and that jesus sacrifice for you weather you bieleve him or not

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