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Is it possible that extraterrestrial beings visited our ancient ancestors?
Known Universe: Decoding the Skies :
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Ancient Astronaut Theory | National Geographic

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  1. I don't understand why people talking about extraterrestrial..who created cars motorcycles flying jets???extraterrestrial create it?? Exactly human made if human can makes this all ,,why not everything has created by human being? Just nowadays people can't find the right answer or except that ancient people far more advanced than us today,,so they talks about extraterrestrial.. god is everywhere..god just like a piece of pure gold..we take the piece of gold and make out chains bangles earings to wear still remain as gold,human being created jewelry from it just like they created the religion,,gold still is gold,,god still is one but human being has created different types beliefs from it and die for own creation ..why we so stupid can't take god as an gold for everyone shares different types of jewelry but still every jewelry came from gold mean god for every gold jewelry is only one gold,,different types of jewelry same like different religion we had aroundthe world.. live peacefully with every religion that comes from one is for every being ..peace

  2. These crafts are keeping some type of being safe inside to travel in but their small crafts .they afto be coming from a much bigger source of a place. A collective group of beings .some where near by. In this solar system mayby.

  3. I like Ancient Astronaut/Alien Theory. Makes more sense than evolution (natural selection). I like the idea of genetically modified humans and animals. I like the idea of portals into other dimensions such as at Puma Punku (Portal of the Mountain Lion) in Bolivia, and Puerta de Hayu Marca (The Gate of the Gods) in Peru.

  4. I just know odds are they exist alot people don't take into account the size of the universe and the amount of stars it contains it's like finding a 4 leaf clover in a small section of a bigger field and saying it's the only one you could ever find in the entire field

  5. If you listen you would notice that they are referring to all this as "what if" and "if this happened". So technically they aren't giving anything away, just spreading an opinion of what is true. And if the government just randomly pull the plug and "kill" these people that spread their truth then there will be a massive uproar not just from believers but from Americans that go on about freedoms. So yes, it can be shown on TV.

  6. I researched the vedas, most of the veda stories of ancient flying machines were dictated by a man in the 18 century and were added to the compendium of the ancient books. Cosmic eggs described in various storys all over the world? First I've heard of it I have been looking at ancient myths and storys for a long time. There are mysterious stories granted, but these 2 carry little weight.

  7. @HeroOfXanadus "gods" don't exist. Our ancestors had no idea what an extra terrestrial was, or a space ship, so they described what they saw as gods. they described flying machines as fiery chariots, which are mentioned numerous times in the bible and countless other religious, and historiical documents.

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