Being A TV Cop Didn't Get Donnie Wahlberg Out Of A Ticket

He might play a cop on ‘Blue Bloods,’ but that didn’t help Donnie Wahlberg get out of a traffic ticket from the NYPD.

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  1. What's that intro song for Wahlberg? I have it stuck in my brain now but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the original song.

  2. Yeah Donnie. I love him and I think he does a great job on Blue Bloods so very believable and bingable on Netflix. I watch it until I’m all caught up again. Every free minute I have. I didn’t know he was married to Jenny McCarthy, that’s very cool. She is a Birthday Celebration made into a person (Lot’s Of Positivity, Smiles and Exuberant). It’s good to see him doing well. He looks great. I hope blue bloods does well and continues for years and years. I love the ethics and morals they always bring out in their story lines. Go Donnie! Go Reagan’s!

  3. so, this guy is the one…
    who allows his wife…
    to not immunize their kids..?
    really…? f you donnie, and your deseased children

  4. You can tell he is surrounded by people wealthier than him. He downplays a restaurant as a "small business" that has 30 locations, and he talks about not having a red ferrari even though he was once a pop star (New Kids on the Block). What did he do with all his NKOB money??? In any event, I'll always like him due to his performance on Band of Brothers.

  5. You should ask him about the fact his wife is responsible for multiple deaths because she screams at the top of her lungs that vaccines gave her child autism but they cured it with a gluten free diet

  6. Just ate at Wahlburgers for the first time yesterday. It was really good. Not the best burger in MN but actually pretty close. Will go back. Also, great interview! 🙂

  7. Donnie Wahlberg probably wouldn't have gotten where he is now if it weren't for the celebrity status of his brother Mark. Neither are very good actors (Mark made his fame by being a beef-cake, near-porno model for Calvin Klein during the 70s, aka, Marky-Mark). I challenge anyone who watches Blue Bloods, the show in which Donnie stars on CBS, to see any other emotion that Donnie is capable of portraying other than annoyed, more annoyed and super annoyed — ok, throw in being uber angry as well. Beyond that, he's a one note actor — no subitly, no range, nothing but just being constantly being pissed….at EVERYthing. On the other hand, that sort of works for the role, but it gets damn repetitive and predictable after 10 minutes. I can't imagine that he'll bring anything more that more of the same to this new role he's landed.

    And not for nuthin, but ole Tom Selleck is pretty much a one note actor as well…how hard is it to play the strong, silent harumph guy? His face never changes expression, and that stash covering up half his face doesn't help.

  8. Donnie Wahlberg truly is an excellent actor!, in fact I will always remember him as that tough, smart airborne infantry N.C.O. (based on a real guy) in "Band of Brothers"…as a former airborne soldier myself I was convinced (not really but effectively) that Wahlberg himself could lead troops into battle..good job Donnie;)

  9. Sorry Donny but Magnum P.I. is way more legendary than Frank Reagan. I don't even watch Blue Bloods. Love the legend Tom Selleck though.

  10. Donnie Wahlberg talking interview blue bloods New kids on the block and very scary people mark wahlberg brother wahlburgers Jenny McCarthy Donnie `s wife

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