Corey Lewandowski Testifies At Contentious House Judiciary Hearing

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager went toe-to-toe with Democrats like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee at today’s Congressional hearing, and did his best not to answer their questions about allegations of illegal activity during the 2016 campaign. #Monologue #Colbert #LSSC

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  1. Hillary Clinton paid Russian intelligence people millions of dollars for made up intelligence on trump that ended up being the basis for the trump Russia collusion investigation and was also the reason Obama surveilled trump. Those of you who don't know this you could have 2 years ago by not watching fake news

  2. Llewandowski delayed, stalled and managed to not answer tenuous questions with the skill and ease of a career Democrat. I was thoroughly impressed.

  3. Stephen, you aren't poking any fun north of the border. Justin Trudeau our PM, was found in a picture wearing "blackface". The mainstream media particularly CBC and Global news are downplaying it, saying things like "brownface" (cbc), and " Americans polled are OK with blackface" (global news) but to go even further, Justin gave 1.4 billion to CBC and 600 million to other cable news outlets… lots of story to talk about up north.

    American leftists attempted to brought "russiagate" here in italy too, they failed

  5. Hollywood and comedians like this piece of shit are done, they have no talking points, no material to deliver to the stupid people. His ears are not alike, maybe that is why he cant hear the Socialism/Communism propaganda, Trump is not a man that takes punches, he is the one giving them out, he will defend himself every time, if you want to interpret that as something else, so be it, Trump is the FIRST president EVER to be transparent, JFK try and they kill him, so fuck you all.

  6. Donald "Jailbird" Trump, Steve "Boozer" Bannon, Stephen "Lurch" Miller, Supreme "Unjustice" Mike Kavanaugh, Kelly-anne "Killer-clown" Conway, Cory "Dude, where's my Car?" Looser-dud-ski, Mike "Jesus Wuvs Me" Ponce, Tony "McMafia-moochy" Scaramucci, Jordan "Pompous-prick" Peterson, "I-wanta my Daddy" Trump, Melon-ball-ia, Donald "Dump" Jr, Erik the Albino, Roger "Lets get Stoned", Kayne "North-West but Lets forget The South" Kim K-aint-no-Jacqui-O, …the Trumptard clown show rolls on….

  7. As a shill, Stephen, you're not very funny. But then, neither are the others in your profession, Oliver, Myers, any of them…all paid phony puppet shills. That's wonderful, actually that it shows the desperation of the deep state, their masters.

  8. Ain’t nothing gonna happen. It’s all Bread and Circuses…Congress is jerking off the American People and laughing it up all the way to the bank.

  9. 0:51 Saying that he'll be happy to answer her questions by constantly talking over her questions.  I'd like to meet his momma, and ask her where her boy got such atrocious manners!

  10. Do you think he would behave so disrespectfully towards a duly elected memebr of the U.S. House of Representatives if the Representative were not a black female Democrat? (Actually, maybe he would — he's a punk whose greatest achievement was to be a campaign manager, and who gets his inflated sense of his own importance from his boss, the narcissist-in-chief.)

  11. Well, since Contempt of Congress doesn't seem to carry a meaningful punishment anymore, is it really any surprise that these clowns are making a circus of our democracy?

  12. It very obvious he didn't watch the animal show. I thought the whole point of order bit was so funny but all the comedian can only come up with a lousy Waldo joke? I was in hysterics when they did a vote on a point of order on a point of order. Why did he not comment on that?

    Anyone with more than 6 brain cells, knows that Lewandowski owned those leftist nutjobs.
    Lewandowski troll level… 10,000

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