Crowded Stage At Next Debate Not Ideal For The Dems

When the Dems gather for their next debate it will be the largest presidential primary debate ever, which has some party operatives grumbling. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

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  1. Fun Fact. If you don't vote for Yang, you will be down 1000 dollars a month 😀 But Bernie has the best chance to beat Trump. Like no way Trump can outspeak Burnie 🙂

  2. So I see colbert is doing to Yang what he did to Sanders 3 years ago. Not mentioning at all, or diminishing their achievements. Yeah, this will go well.

  3. Trump’s Impeachment will bring for the first time the Democrats to his last emotional rally. The Kurds and their US Green Beret will come too. The only people who cannot come will be because they are in jail. Party Time 🎉🇺🇸 #45worldimpeachmentparty

  4. Stephen…. wow m8, You're a real cuck for Warren aint ya?!….

    Bring Back John Stewart… Atleast he had Balls….

  5. I would leave all this controversy about Ukraine up to Paul Jr. the next psychic squid in a segment called "squid pro quo"" and let him choose guilty or not. After all his father did foresee the Fifa WM

  6. I'm sad… again!! Unless I'm wrong LSSC is a rerun on the Dem debate day. No live after debate show this week!😥😣😫 This sucks ass!

  7. Dear The Late Show, can you get on UK TV! We have Ellen and other US shows, aired live. Time you got on the UK, we all understand US politics and know about your country well enough. If Ellen can make it so can you.

  8. The BEST late night show NOT on UK TV! Why do we have Ellen on UK TV and not The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
    We in the UK have an understanding of US politics and your guests.

  9. Stephen personally boosts usage of Google Maps… As a Buckeye, I can tell you that Westerville is actually a little northeast of Columbus, so it might properly be named "Northeasterville"… ;-P
    As you will notice below, "Yang's Wangs" are upset with Stephen for not mentioning Andrew… ;-P

    People auditioning for "something else":
    Elizabeth Warren… Secretary of the Treasury (or Vice President, her pick)
    Bernie Sanders… Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Kamala Harris… Attorney General
    Julian Castro… Secretary of HUD (his old job)
    Tulsi Gabbard… Secretary of Defense
    Amy Klobuchar… Secretary of State? Maybe? Ambassador to the UN?
    Beto O'Roarke… Vice President?
    Cory Booker… Vice President?
    Jay Inslee… Secretary of the EPA

    Tom Steyer… Secretary of the Interior
    Pete Buttigieg… Secretary of Education
    Andrew Yang… Secretary of Commerce

    Just spitballing here…

  10. There is something about Kamala Harris I don't trust. I mean, nowhere near Hillary Clinton levels of bad vibes, but still…there's no way to describe it, but I feel it every time I see a clip of her talking.

  11. Unfortunately America has no idea how lucky they are to have someone like Andrew Yang running for President. Shame. He would fix a lot of your problems

  12. Why is everyone on here obsessed with Yang ? He's just not very memorable. Obviously I'm not voting, gotta choose my own clown next monday, but seriously it's not about the media being corrupt, it's about him being bland…

  13. I’m guessing about half of the comments here is about Andrew Yang being left out again. It first I thought because Yang’s lack of name recognition, but now I’m getting suspicious that there’s some kind of conspiracy for sidelining Yang.
    Because how come, I, who’s not even american know that he’s made it to the 5th debate, but the no one in the show’s staff knows?

  14. Colbert is still worshipping his corporate masters instead of God by not mentioning Andrew Yang as one of the candidates! These kinds of people are really greedy!

  15. I usually don't even sign into youtube when watching these clips, but had to comment after seeing Yang glossed over once again. He's polling steadily higher every week. Start giving him the respect and coverage he deserves!

  16. And yet another f×cking person leaving Yang out and adding Bookers name even tho yang has polled higher and has gotten over 4 million more donation dollars. Not only that, theres Beto that isn't even close to Yangs numbers. I'm real tired of this sh*t

  17. I've stop watching you since you crap on Tulsi Gabbard and made stupid jokes about Andrew yang earlier before you had him on your show. I think Yang is the best candidate, but would love to see you squirm if Bernie or Warren got in and you would be hit with a wealth TAX. Haha maybe you'd be liken Andrew Yang a bit more:)

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