Don't Shoot a Blue Tongue Deer | The Boonies

Bearclaw and his friend Conan are hunting White Tail Deer. After hours of waiting, Bearclaw is on the move and finally comes across a couple of deer. He has a nice buck in his sights…
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Don’t Shoot a Blue Tongue Deer | The Boonies

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  1. Something isn't right about this hunt! Walking around like that. Any good hunter knows that you dont just walk out in the open like that. You have to get low, stay down wind & be patient

  2. This video had me thinking that blue tongue deer was an endangered species but it's just a disease that white tailed deer suffer from. He should've killed the thing to take it out of its misery.

  3. deer hunting is a far more valuable skill to possess then driving to the grocery store and counting out change for a pound of slaughtered processed meat from a factory. that's why if the economy went to the stage of the great depression people who depend on stores would starve to death within days.

  4. i like the new show & Bearclaw seems alright- ..but did anyone see the episode where he was hunting Bears and deliberately cornered one that was high in a tree and then Blasted him to death? I thought that was cruelty to animals and heartless- the Bear had no chance what so ever and it just seems like a cowardly act to me

  5. The disease actually doesn't effect the meat of a deer, I'm from Nebraska where the blue tongue hit the hardest and I know for a fact that deer didn't have blue tongue and the deer was perfectly edible

  6. thats so fucking stupid. ypu dont know for sure it has a dissease and if it has blue tongeu you can see it. and if you leave it alive it is going to die anyway. fake as fuck

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