Elizabeth Warren: A Country That Elects Donald Trump Is Already In Trouble

The Senator from Massachusetts and presidential candidate, Elizabeth Warren, says Donald Trump is not just a bad president, he’s a “terrible president.” #Interviews #Colbert #ElizabethWarren

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  1. Very hard and brave for this candidate to go into the lion's den and tell Hollywood that Trump is truly a terrible president and not just bad a president.

  2. The angry librarian geek feminazi who is lying to you about a $33 Trillion Medicare for all scheme that is never going to be affordable. Trump 2020 for promises kept.

  3. Andrew Yang for President. YouTube Joe Rogan Andrew Yang. Warren preaches a bunch of empty nonsense. Aren’t you sick of damn politicians? Andrew Yang has actual numbers. She’s just blowing smoke up our asses.

  4. I strongly recommend you guys to check out the Wikipedia article on the TRIANGLE SHIRTWAIST FACTORY FIRE. Truly despicable how corporations treated their workers back then. 146 workers (vast majority of which were women) died because factories back then locked the doors (stairwell doors in case of buildings) to prevent workers from taking unauthorized breaks or stealing. Because of that the workers were unable to escape the building fire of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory and some decided to jump out of windows!

  5. It's very easy to criticize the government, but it's extremely difficult to accomplish with so many obstacles. However, Elizabeth has achieved nothing productive so far, except opening her mouth… to breathe.

  6. This woman is just all over the place, just rambling and rambling on and on, and when the WTF/confusion moment hits you, she abruptly ends her rant with “…and THAT’S what this is about!” 😳🤯
    “What?? And what exactly is this THAT you speak of?”

  7. “For me this is about looking FORWARD.”
    Familiar anyone? Im sure Stephen recognizes it.
    “Not left, not Right. Forward” – Andrew Yang.
    Whats with all these Dems going on Colbert and copying Yang one after the other? Biden, Pete and now Warren. 😩 i know the “forward” is nothing special, but it IS Yang’s campaign slogan after all.
    Either way, this woman comes across so phony on so many levels. I dont see why she is so popular. Can somebody explain her popularity please?

  8. Aw shite. SC asks EW if she was referring to Biden when she said, in her speech: "we can't choose a candidate we don't believe in, just because we're too scared to do anything else." Of COURSE that is a reference to Biden. But EW answers "no." So she lied. Darn it. People see through bullshit, Senator Warren. You're going to have to be better than that.

  9. Too little too late. She supported Hillary solely because she was a woman and then shamed female voters to go against Bernie. Elizabeth is responsible for Trump. Everyone clapping has a short term memory. Wake up Dems for crying out loud. She is a loser

  10. The song “Regulate” does not match this woman at all. She is such a typical two-faced politician, it’s like watching Hillary all over again. Just with glasses.

  11. Andrew Yang is better.

    When the topic about a federal jobs guarantee versus ubi comes up, Andrew Yang answers mainly on the negatives of the FJG.

    I wish he explains more about what makes UBI better. In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, Andrew was asked why UBI is better and he said something that really spoke to me.

    Andrew said, "Who do we want to work for? Ourselves or the government? It's our wealth. We're the owners and shareholders of this country."

    When he said this, a light bulb lit up in my head and it made me realize even moreso why a federal jobs guarantee is so terrible versus UBI. UBI allows US to work in the areas that WE want to work in. It gives us REAL FREEDOM.

    And I was just like wow..

    I wish he would reiterate this vision on what makes ubi BETTER than a fjg, not what makes a fjgworse.

    Note: To say that UBI will disincentivize people from working (or make people work less), and say that people need work to function in the same breath is contradictory.

    You can't say, "People need work," and then go on to explain that once people are given freedom financially, they'll no longer need work and stop working.

    That just doesn't make sense.

  12. Senator Warren, please, please get out of the race and support Andrew Yang for President. I really do need the money and your run for president is standing in my way.

  13. She ruined John Stumpf former CEO of Wells Fargo. It was basically a broadcast murder. It was very satisfying.

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