Graham With The Wind

An epic tale of a man who took a stance. And then quickly changed it… with the wind! #Colbert #LSSC #ColdOpens

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  1. Remember when Colbert was a champion for the South instead of Uncle Tomming his fellow Southerners? Graham is behaving badly. Making it about his southernness is the same as making about him being black or gay. It's a backwards unnecessary commentary which flies past the obvious, he's in the wrong. Potshots and personal attacks are for people who can't write jokes. Move away from it.

  2. Instead of saying the wrong thing every day like t rump, he just does it every other day. She has garnered more ' what happened ??? ' than any other politician on earth.

  3. I just finished listening to Gone with the Wind today, so this is rather timely. Rhett's, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" stung, but Scarlett finally got her comeuppance. The book is 1,000 pages, so listen to the audiobook if you haven't the time to read it. I think the reading was superbly done. It's a classic tale that stings.

  4. ROFL I thought it said "God as my witness, i'll never fuck lindsay graham again."

    I nearly spat burrito all over my keyboard.

  5. When the Late Show and Colbert, Kimmel and others demean the current administration, they by ipso facto condone the opposite events this administration is fighting. So you are supporting MS-13 and the slaughtering cartels that makes your morals and views evil and despicable!

  6. IS TRUMP RUNNING A STOCK MARKET SCAM? A comment from him can move the market up or down almost instantly, as happened over the past few days when first he said that China tariffs would be reduced and then changed his mind. A trader with insider knowledge may make a huge profit from any slight market movement, up or down, especially a Trump accomplice. The only thing that would stop a POTUS from abusing this power would be his/her integrity! Trump has none!

  7. So according to Graham Trump is so inept he's completely absolved of any crimes he's committed or any crime he has yet committed! LMAO This man once said that Impeachment doesn't have to be for a crime.

  8. It is sad and funny that all the Republicans and the GOP have to do to get a job is to Admit to Do Nothing for Americans and the World but to get rich only. They should all be dragged out and hung for humor sake. Vote if you agree to end ALL GOP 🗳

  9. Flip flopping Lindsey showing the entire world he can't read. The saddest part is that he has no challengers to his seat and will most likely keep his position. What a sad state you have to be if THIS is the best you can bring to the country.

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