Gregory Whytman Campaigns At The Iowa State Fair

The Late Show’s very own presidential candidate, dubbed “A Believable Choice,” visited the Iowa State Fair where he ran into some of his competition, including Gov. Steve Bullock, Julián Castro, and Andrew Yang. #LSSC #Colbert #Interview

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  1. In honestly, I don't know why people actually upset that Stephen is choose to show case Andrew Yang on his show; as if Yang being setup or something. In honestly, I watch the entire full interview I actually think is fine, rather Yang reaction to the whole thing make me a little disappointing. I'm sorry being Asian is not an excuse for vote for another Asian. I'm sorry I don't enforce my bias because that would be racist.
    Let me make one thing clear, and I hope that everyone please understand. These shows, the late show, daily show, and even the new media these day, are all "entertainment." In other words, they are all try to entertain us as the consumer of such shows. Of course, all the interviewers are fully aware, or partially inform, what going on. I actually feel bad for the pundits who are on the field. Their faces are out there and become target of those oppose their ideals, which require great courage. Now let me make it clear for why at this point, Yang do not earn my vote; keep in mind my 1 vote mean nothing. I don't want to influence your vote, nor I want to change your opinion this in fact just my own.
    One, Yang don't have the experiences to fully understand the needs of American people, and yes, I referred to America at the whole, not the Asian community; which frankly I don't really care enough. We have so much issue in politic, that cannot be solve with just saying I give cash to everyone; that is bribery or undue influence. This bring me to second point, Freedom Dividend, I don't like the ideal of hand out cash, not to corporate, not to individual or to any particular group. As an accountant, CPA and a Master title holders, the ideal of given cash to individual is the laziest way to solve any situation. I would rather instead of using that $1000 per individual to paid off national debt and student debt, fix the school system and health care system, eliminate the dark money in government, get business out of Washington, revise the finance economy and bad habit in our culture, cut national and weapon spending, make sure that veteran, senior and the unfortunate are well take care of. There are too many things that 340 billion can do, why waste it on a new Ipad or Iphone. Freedom Dividend is nothing more than undue influence to be popular and nothing more. You can't fix our current system, which are the American people, with just money. It is require time, effort, patient and a lot and lot of love.
    Third and this one completely personal, one thing is clear from the full interview, Andrew Yang doesn't have a sense of humor. I'm sorry, he, too Asian. I want my president have at least a sense that there will be hope for tomorrow. Trump is already a pile of let down and sink hole. I don't think that Andrew Yang is the President that American is need right now, maybe after Bernie and Elizabeth Warren fix some of the piles of craps that Trump will left behind after his presidency, then maybe Yang can step in to become the next president.
    In conclusion, let put aside the prospect of maybe an Asian guy can become president, which itself is not a bad deal. I would rather vote for Bernie and Elizabeth than Yang. Unless that Yang can really turn around in some of his view, then my mind can be change. But as I was very clear, his ideal and character are not resonate with me. Sorry Yang Gang.

    PS: Thank for reading, but please don't ask question. I write this a diary for my thought and nothing more. Thanks,

  2. That's got to be kind of awkward, a fair where a bunch of presidential candidates run around. What do they say when they run into each other?

  3. How any female or man that has a female in his life that he cares about could vote for Trump is mind blowing. He is a confessed sexual assaulter, pedophile peeper (watching the teenagers changing for the pagent) and accused rapist. Have a little dignity and vote for someone who doesn't prey on females.

  4. Still beat hillary and her little girl followers
    Affirmative action = just aint bright enough to compete with white guys, aka lazy, for example
    Barry Obama's real father is Frank Marshall Davis, CPUSA 47544. The Kenya story is a dumb fairy tale. Why does Barry look just like Frank's other 1/2 white kids, and why do they all look like Frank?

  5. The giant 10-way debate is useless. At this stage they should be having Lincoln-Douglas debates between pairs of minor candidates. Of course very few people will watch, but they may generate some good highlights. Actually should be in pairs, with each candidate picking the topic for one debate.

  6. Stephen Colbert i love you, but you're being an ass to Andrew Yang, he is a real presidential candidate, also stop using MSNBC talking points when it comes to Tulsi Gabbard. Other than that you're great.

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