How 'CBS This Morning' Is Gearing Up For 2020

Gayle King, Anthony Mason, and Tony Dokoupil, the new co-anchors of ‘CBS This Morning,’ have been studying up on all twenty-however-many-there-are 2020 candidates.

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  1. 0_0 That moment when it dawns on you that your grandfather might've been the one to arrest new anchor Tony's father for that marijuana bust…

    Because that exact amount seems familiar from my family's stories lmfao…

  2. When I heard Miami and drugs, head went immediately to cocaine. I mean, duh.

    Good man, weed importers are doing God’s work – Jesus was all about that shit

  3. Kia Ora from Aotearoa New Zealand πŸŒ·πŸ’—πŸŒ·

    This guy Tony, I think I bought a "house" off his Dad one timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Great story and best way to get it outπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


    I've been a fan of Colbert for over a decade but HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM (I'm not talking about making jokes about politicians, that ALL AMERICAN. I'm talking about the politic of these ridiculously long campaign that have taken over politics.

    It's the MEDIA CORPORATIONS themselves that have created and encouraged America's insanely long and protracted election cycle because YOU MEDIA WHORES MAKE BILLIONS during extended political races. Adding insult to injury are all the hype and divisiveness fostered by political shows loaded to the gills with self-important PUNDITS and so-called experts that can't even make a simple predictions better than a coin toss!

    Media executive's GREED results in the US having extended election cycles with 24/7 coverage that starts almost TWO YEARS in advance, which is completely out of wack when compared to other western democracies. In Europe electioneering politics is limited to a few months before the election., Candidates are FORBIDDEN to campaign outside of this allotted time!

    And let's not forget the media outlets make everything WORSE by nurturing sensationalism and downplaying substance. Then they compound their controversial coverage by featuring TALKING HEADS who dwell on polls and politics while IGNORING the real issues.

  5. Yeah I'm really engulfed, my life won't function unless I sit and listen to a shower of ego maniacs explain what their names are. Wow, Am I impressed with Tony, so riveting to listen to this ego bomb about his name.

  6. Tony Dokoupil AND "His Father Looks Like A Visionary, Not A Criminal, 30 Years Later"

    Anthony Mason AND "Republican Congressman Found In Thailand With An Underage Boy In A Bathroom Stall & Child Porn On The Ol' Laptop"

    Gayle King AND "Character From Oprah's Wrinkle In Time"

  7. ok but insane that he gets to talk about this as a fun story now when there are millions of black men incarcerated and disenfranchised for the same thing.

  8. A great team to avoid watching with boring opinionated Gale (always willing to dominate…on and on) King. Good Grief what a pile! She, independently, helped our family to turn off the TV.
    Thank you Oprah for your influence on our life.

  9. Major drug dealer…happened to "volunteer" at 8yo for LBJ…and we missed Gayle King's explination of her education in the country of Turkey. Hey look, a pile of "journalists" looking for a story. I see just a big Turkey. Good luck.

  10. CANNABIS a miracle herb a gift from God..and maybe if everyone smoked it…the world would be truly beautiful! Thank you to people like your father πŸ™‚

  11. Tony Dokoupil AND "OMG, Doesn't He Look Like Ted Bundy?"

    Anthony Mason AND "Nothing Says Excitement For Your Morning Like A Guy Who Looks Like Your High School Principal"

    Gayle King AND "Is So Shiny Here That Bestie Oprah Must Say – & You Get a Gayle King & You Get A Gayle King, Etc."

  12. Hopefully not by promoting the two candidates they think will get the best ratings again.
    Voters in both parties who paid attention didn't want Trump or Hillary in the primaries.
    …but that's who all the coverage went to.

  13. Anthony was trying trying to save Tony, but Tony's story was interesting. Better to air out everything now at the start, then find out later on by someone else making it into something that could hurt his reputation.

  14. I have watch Gayle king and to be honest she does not have depth. I am not saying that to be mean but seriously, she doesn't. R Kelley interview was interesting but anyone would have knocked that out the park as well because R Kelley did too much.

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