How to Clean with Charcoal | Live Free or Die: DIY

Colbert shows you a little trick he’s learned over the years for cleaning your camp cookware with no harmful soaps.
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How to Clean with Charcoal | Live Free or Die: DIY

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  1. Well, this is a well Known fact in India… You can still visit the villages in India where they clean their cookwares with Ash and Charcoal remains from the wood fire they use to cook their food…. truly Nature friendly and yet brilliant when it comes to get your Job done….

  2. Ash and water makes a lye mixture which is somewhat basic and also acts as an excellent cleaner. Use it on your cast irons, as the basic solution prevents the oxidation of the iron due to the OH- ions. So you can clean your cast irons without worrying about rust and ruining your prized seasoned cookware!

  3. We used sand and cleaning a pot wasted hours when all I should have been doing was scrubbing it with the same thing that caused the soot.

  4. Learnt this from my Grandma years ago…on the farm….geesh….people are so out of touch…takes some hippie with fake fur caps to tell them stuff and they all think they can live off the land then and surviiiive. People don't know how to survive anymore. Unless you grew up rural 😉

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