Jake Tapper Weighs In On Julián Castro's Attack On Joe Biden

The host of CNN’s ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ joins Stephen Colbert to look at the high and low moments from the third Democratic Presidential Debate, including the tense exchange between Joe Biden and Julián Castro. #JakeTapper #Colbert #LateShowLIVE

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  1. I know it's a comedy show but the incessant dismissiveness of Sanders as an old fool is getting tired. His policies are what the people want. I can feel Colbert slowly alienating his audience.

  2. Bernie’s major policies have no benefit for members of the corporate media. Any illness is going to cost pocket change for them. They won’t have to sell any of their mansions.

  3. Stephen, if Biden can't handle Castro, how's he going to beat Trump? If Biden wins your viewers will lose, but you're rich, so it don't matter to you does it? You're not going to go through medical bankruptcy under a neoliberal or neoconservative "NO" healthcare plan, that's an "access" to healthcare plan, just like we all have access to buying a Lamborghini or a million dollar mansion, it's the "you can only dream you didn't go bankrupt and die healthcare plan", that's plan for the poor people Biden and Trump will screw over. As for Shit Trapper, who cares what that lying pos thinks? You and the rest of the msm.

  4. castro is a joke, he literally did nothing as HUD secretary we still have gentrification, legal segregation all over this country.

  5. Castro's "obvious calculated risk" at taking a cheap shot at Biden the way he did…FAILED. It will permanantly hurt his chances going forward. And in his follow up IV, when he stated he was not aware of the implications it seemed he was making about Biden's (so called memory issues) made him look even worse.

  6. Listen, Tapper seems to be a lovely guy. But his socioeconomic status clearly influences his political opinion and framing, so I don’t want to assert he’s some “corporate goon” but people should understand his bias

  7. Tapper’s frame was right wing — what he claims to be the “real GOP talking point” (dying in wait lines, etc.) as a FAR right wing talking point. They ain’t mutually exclusive, Tapp Jaker

  8. Biden said you can buy-in to a cost free version of healthcare. Castro claimed he said people who can’t afford it will be forced in to healthcare.

    That said, Biden is too “old school” to go against trump who doesn’t play by any rules.

    Would like to hear more from Yang on stuff other than UBI on the main stage since he has some pretty outstanding ideas. But they never give him the time of day.

  9. This tapper guy got put in his place by bernie sanders, I've watched that debate and the only one that was out of line was tapper. It hurts when i realize people like colbert are in the corporate pockets. Sad!

  10. Neo-libs like Colbert will hand us 4 more years of Trump so they can boost their tv ratings crying about him for four more years. when it reality, status quo Repubs are only marginally worse for their bottom line than establishment Dems. The system is broken.

  11. Crazy how Colbert was known for talking shit to Bush to his face way back in the day and now he's just a pro establishment Biden supporter.

  12. Tapp Jaker is such a putz, dude makes me want to puke he's such a establishment hack; sadly Colbert is too nowadays.

  13. Amazing to see the corporate media- Tapper AND Colbert- protecting Biden out in the open like this. Tapper’s question WAS a republican talking point and Castro WAS correct in saying Biden had said what he claimed he didn’t. I wonder how different presidential races would look if the media didn’t have their thumb on the scale for a candidate from the gate, or if we’ll ever have a chance to see that.

  14. stop with the BS Stephen! Castro did NOT attack ANYONE, let alone Joe Biden. Let's talk about the actual substance of what each candidate proposes for the future. Corporate media shill Stephen. That paycheck came at a price. Enjoy it….

  15. These candidates don’t seem to get it, they think attacking Biden will score points, it’s actually working the other way around, many of the democratic supporters are looking at it and saying, “ you know I don’t mind Biden, which ends up being a plus for him. Stupid , stupid move by Castro, if people were considering him for vice president before, I think he just wrote his exit out the door, he’s become toxic to many candidates, who need every vote they can get.

  16. Castro may not be my favorite but he made a good point, if you cant remember what you said two minutes ago and are losing debates even on friendly ground how are you going to debate Trump. The moderators were throwing Biden softballs but he could not keep up even with what was being said repeating talking points even after the "how is it going to be paid?" Question was once again answered by senators warren and sanders. Biden is a candidate just like the rest of them and wants to be the leader of our nation act like it.

  17. I mean it is a GOP talking point to yammer on the rise if taxes when talking about medicare for all. Mentioning that without context is dishonest.

  18. I feel like you don't have to be a Bernie supporter to realize mainstream Democratic party is against Bernie, the DNC literally conspired against him and CNN and MSNBC host do nothing but demonize him.

  19. So yeah, I don't mind Bernie, but I f**king hate his supporters. If I make the slightest, TINIEST criticism of Bernie, I get bullied into submission by so-called "progressive, open-minded, tolerant, idealistic" Bernie supporters. And half the time, I'm not even criticizing Bernie. I'm just complimenting another candidate or perhaps considering another slightly more moderate viewpoint. The tragedy is that Bernie supporters don't get the irony. The right has their cult hero. The left has theirs.

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