Lindsey Graham's Willful Ignorance Will Not Be Enough To Protect Trump

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, is doing his best to avoid having to admit that President Trump is in serious trouble. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert

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  1. Flimsy Sham…..what a putz. Isn't he up in 2020 election? If can't defeat him with ads of montage of his outrageous 180° hypyrocies….either Dems hopeless or S.C. voters…..lets reconsider their 1861 secession and tell them OK, we agree to it now.

  2. I'm sure Miss Graham goes home nightly, pulls out her 'big boy' dildoe, and masturbates profusely while crying for her secret crush, the late Senator Macaine, to give her a sign!!!

  3. Colbert, greatest pretender ever.
    Without Trump, he'd have no monologue, no purpose, no life.
    How do we impeach a failed
    talk show host?

  4. These people are as confident about Trumps removal from office as oh I don't know Hilary becoming President in 2016. NO HIGH CRIME OR MISDEMEANOR. It' that simple.

  5. Mine mine mine feathers of the bird do flock together. Scum fits scum perfectly. I don't know if you see this as i see it but every single person associates or close to Trump turns out to be just like him – a scumbag liar.

  6. Do you want to bet Steven Gof… ⁉️ Who will win at the end.❓
    DemonRats are freaking out that they cannot afford to wait till 2020 .👿👹

  7. Open hearings were enough to bring down Nixon without 24/7 cable news coverage which we have now. People that appear credible like John Dean did and the fellow who did the tapings is it butterfield ?? Sort of did Nixon in ..only two.

  8. Roger Stone @Federal Court just killed Trump's presidency! Trump's a criminal !!
    News Update! FRIDAY 11/8/2019 Roger Stone has proven Trump was fully aware+directly connected to the Russian's that hacked the DNC!
    Trump is a criminal Russian facilitator who did conspire and rig 2016 Presidential Election against all Americans and American Law!!!
    Trump is not a legitimate president!
    He is NOW fully impeachable for his high crimes!

  9. Ridiculous. You've been banking on impeachment for years now with stuff like the Russian collusion hoax. Everything they've done has failed, so the Democrats obsess over removing Trump "just because." He's not going to be impeached.

  10. That ending so extremely H I L A R I O U S !!! ….. depicts the Republicans E X A C T L Y !!! ….. in such a pathetic denial of ….. E X T O R T I O N ….. for personal gain ….. by Trump. Cannot stop laughing !!! Just can't !!!

  11. I have looked at lots of lots of people's hands and I think that Stephen has beautiful hands, which makes him a beautiful person.

  12. I predict that the ultimate defense strategy for Donald Trump is to claim that he was played for a chump by Rudy Giuliani and the comic book villains Lev and Igor.

  13. A President With A Brain Tumor Running A 2020 Campaign From Ukraine To Mexico Inheritance Of Trump Bankruptcy Unlimited Legacy!

  14. More poo on top of more poo doesn't make any less poo . If the illegal coup works against THE 45TH PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DONALD J TRUMP ya gonna have a civil war dumb lefty yanks keep going with ya bullshit lies and leftist propaganda Stephen Colbert. But at the end of the day its probably what they want a nation/country divided fkn sad democrats dont care or do anything for the American people anymore JUST REMOVE A PRESIDENT THEY DONT LIKE and thats it fk everything else ;-(……

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