Marie Osmond's Dirty Secret: Late-Night House Cleaning

The newest co-host of ‘The Talk’ on CBS is a showbiz legend, and she confesses to Stephen Colbert that she’s also a late-night clean freak. #Colbert …


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  1. Alice Cooper: Who's got the power?

    Kids: We Do!

    Alice Cooper: And who gave it to you?

    Kids: Donnie Osmond!

    Alice Cooper: WHAT!?

  2. You don't support women by fake praising strange looking cosmetic surgery. That just encourages more women to do the same thing to themselves. It's better to support and be at one with nature than to try and distort it.

  3. She seems nice, if you ignore the sibling incest part. Her and Donny seem super close if ya catch my drift.

    Don't flap your gums at me, I'm mostly kidding! 🤣

  4. Every lady going to the plastic surgery pick's the same picture from the catalog?? Or Maybe every plastic surgeon have the same catalog??

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