Mayor Pete Eats His Way Through Iowa, While Hickenlooper Looks For The Exit

Like the oil in an Iowa State Fair deep-fryer, the race to replace President Trump is heating up. Stephen covers all the latest developments in this edition of “Doin’ It Donkey Style.” #Meanwhile #Colbert #LSSC

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  1. Wait wait wait, so Donald Trump saying that CNN is "fake news," because they are critical of him is the same thing as Bernie saying, "Washington Post doesn't like me." Suuure, Colbert. Real flawless logic there. SMH

  2. The end of this video was not a joke. Colbert is bought and paid for. If you've been paying attention to him for a long time, you can see his shift.

  3. You are not free from the corporate media either Stephen, you proved Bernie's point with how you twisted what he said and selling it as a smear against the "free media". We All know by now by watching your monologs in the last months, that you are supporting Biden and Buttiegieg, the two favorite candidates of the corporate billionaires.

  4. Hickenlooper and Huckabee, sitting in a tree, g-o-b- uh, gobbledygookin'.

    I swear some drunk meerkat is making this shit up.

  5. Deep.. Fried.. Oreos.. are we just inventing new ways to die? Like, simultaneously going into cardiac arrest right after we develop type 2 diabetes?

    and by the way, eew!

  6. No! Steven please stop parroting your parent network's talking points for taking Bernie down. He may not be a champion for your checking account, or your investment portfolio, or even the big merger that's happening in your network right now killing off what remains of competition in the media landscape, but he is the people's champion and for good reason.

  7. Corporations don't need to tell the pundit's what to say, they simply select them on the basis of what they say.
    For example Stephen do you think that you would be in the position that your in, if you wore openly calling for the abolishment of corporations and there replacement with worker owned cooperatives?
    This is a triviality really if you remember the fundamental basis for operation of private entities like corporations, which is maximizing profit, which entails public opinion management as it is hard to make a profit when everyone thinks your an immoral entity that should be avoided and abolished as soon as possible.

    From Edward Bernays the father of public relations industry, the man haired by dozens of corporations and the CIA(on behalf of the United fruit company)
    in his book titled Propaganda:
    ""The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."[6]"

    Bernays expands this argument to the economic realm, appreciating the positive impact of propaganda in the service of capitalism.[7]

    "A single factory, potentially capable of supplying a whole continent with its particular product, cannot afford to wait until the public asks for its product; it must maintain constant touch, through advertising and propaganda, with the vast public in order to assure itself the continuous demand which alone will make its costly plant profitable."[8]

    For a more refined and elaborated view on this phenomena i recommend Chomsky's and Edward Herman's exhaustive work on how in "free" societies capitalist entities like media corporations act as propagandists for undemocratic forces(Private interests that is).

  8. come on do Steven Mnuchin again, I am pissing my pants of when you do Mnuchin ! Almost as good as Bernie …..come on it is a long time you did Mnuchin, do Mnuchin again, one time ? Only one time then… one last time ….. hell world good be gone tomorrow… oh shit hold, world will be still here….. I mean …. we will be gone tomorrow or the day after so do Mnuchin again for us….. just one more time.

  9. CBS all access? But I already pay for you. ABC, NBC, and a bunch of other channels that I already pay for let me stream for free.

  10. It's one thing to go after Trump for things which are demonstrably true about him; it's another to go after Sanders for things that are not true about him. He is neither feeble nor paranoid. His is one of the sharpest minds in US politics and his motives are UNIMPEACHABLE – he only wants all people to be able to live lives of dignity regardless of circumstance. That's it. WaPo editors and reporters treat Sanders with utter disregard because he is a critic of their boss and they value their jobs. Bezos doesn't need to say a thing – he knows his people want to stay employed.

  11. Y'all upset how Bernie was mocked? Get out and vote. Volunteer a little of your time to help others to get out and vote. Participate in your role of your community. Get out there and fight!

  12. Good lord, wtf has happened to Colbert? Not only is this painfully not funny, but bashing some of the better candidates like Pete and especially Bernie for no valid reason whatsoever is just really pathetic.

  13. Stephen is setting a concerning precident by equating trump and Bernie. It continues to put Stephen in an establishment/centrist light that does not make him look good….

  14. Yeah…not the best monologue. Kinda lame jokes about Mayor Pete and Bernie but whatever. The freak'in sound of every late night host doing a imitation of Trump EVERY show is getting old. I'm no Trump supporter nor give a fig about his Fake presidency, just looking forward to it ending sooner than later, but sometimes it be nice to have a totally Trump-less night once in a while. Talk about anything but Trump crap.

  15. So I read today that if you made $1/second that it would take you eleven days to become a millionaire and over thirty-one years to become a billionaire. You’d be making $86,400/day. The average American doesn’t make that much in a year. Sen. Sanders is going after the right guy.

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