Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Chicago Is A ‘Trump-Free Zone’

Mayor Rahm Emanuel discusses Chicago’s sanctuary city status, police-community relations, and why the city wants to be known as ‘the city Trump will never sleep in.’

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  1. What a POS💩💩.I live in Chicago n ever since this POS been in office there been over 2000 kills over gun shooting. This is why Chicago is renamed SHYIRAQ or SHOOT O RAHM A.. also this POS is been giving illegal aliens a city key pass .. So the Illegal alien can use this City key pass as a federal document ID pass/card so they can get a drivers license or go to school or or possibly vote for the next election. Chicago SHOULD be Rahm Emanuel FREE ZONE.. Plus this POS doesn’t back Chicago Police Department. What a disgrace.

  2. I think Chicago likes Trump better than Rahm, and that is saying something…. Why the hell would they bring him on as a guest on this show?

  3. Oh oh how this June is going to get butchered drawn and quartered in the streets like all the rest of the Jews in America. All the Jews are being exposed in Hollywood and Americans are going to just start killing every Jew everywhere thank God and I'm going to get 50 or hundred from myself. It's going to be so wonderful to start killing Jews

  4. Chicago is a sanctuary City that means you could murder anybody any time and you will never be culpable. Scumbag Jews are destroying America. If you're a black man and read this you need to kill Jews to preserve your neighborhood and get you people out of corruption

  5. Adolf Hitler killed 200,000 Jews but a Jew bastard from Russia Ilya ehrenburg still a 1932 to 1934 census saying that Hitler put six million Jews back to work. And then the Jews started murdering Christians throughout Russia

  6. Jews have destroyed America! Read talmud and Sanhedrin if you want to know how wicked and evil Jews are read the book that makes them tick those scumbags. It was up to me I would kill every Jew on the planet

  7. Someone should really just go ahead and kill Rahm Emanuel a Jew bastard. If I knew where he was I would kill him right now! I would kill his children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren because I would cut his head off and his cock off and make sure he would never reproduce again like any other scumbag Jew bastard

  8. why he talking about Trump free zone and shame on those stupid ignorant and wicked people for praising. They should be telling him that he need to make it a CRIME FREE ZONE

  9. Do you think the Mexican Drug cartels have funneled money into US election campaigns? Unless you are a fool, the obvious answer is yes. What party do you think they are funneling their money to?

  10. Rahm should resign for being such a gutless piece of shit on law enforcement- mainly stopping the violence in black neighborhoods. A crisis that has been going on as long as this one needs some drastic measures. Ever hear of stop and frisk Rahm?- you dumb fuck! Rahms problem along with all the other Democrats, is he doesn't care enough about the violence in Black areas to get out of his PC bubble to get anything done.

  11. When they stop putting guns and drugs in crates on detached railway cars and stop teaching elementary style schooling in high school and I can pick up a book in high school not dated back to 2000 Chicago can be great. Open rehab centers bring in more psychiatrist to schools… So many more things I witness living on the Southside of Chicago smh

  12. well Chicago is having a protest about all the killing in Chicago.. The Mayor was in NY having fun. Like he really cares.. Everyone here wants President Trump to come here and help…

  13. He still calls Chicago a "trump free zone" even when 74 people have been shot and 12 killed in one fuckin weekend. He thinks he can handle the fuckin problem what a fuckin joke, theres 2 options now fucker either resign from office or call trump so he can get the national guard in there. Also fun fact Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the country let that sink in

  14. This murdering mayor has more blood on his hands than Hitler. He’s a racist who had let thousands of blacks die in gang violence and has an Outlaw city welcoming every filthy murdering illegal he can find. Figures he’s a friend of that murdering Muzrat traitor pos Obummer

  15. Chicago has the highest Crime/Violence rate in the country. 72 shootings and 12 dead in one weekend. Voters make terrible choices there just look at all the decades of political corruption!

  16. The city is in turmoil, filled with violence and people dying every day from gun violence but all you care about is virtue signaling about your hatred for Trump. Your city is among the most corrupt and you will go down as one of the most inept mayors in existence.

  17. This guy is a joke. Worried about Trump? Worry about the murders. POS!!! I would rather live-in Alabama than that city where people are being randomly murdered. *sips henny

  18. But the poor people paying the high taxes working their butts off in Chicago have to pay their way through College …. WAKE UP WORLD!! Trump free zone …. our people are being killed …. wake up and do your job for the American people !!!
    PS…. Your grandfather came in legal

  19. Now his city is BEGGING for Trump to help after 73 people were shot and 13 people were murdered because of gang violence this weekend during a 48 hour period and Saturday was Obama Day in Chicago. You really can't make this shit up. #MAGA #TRUMP2020

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