Rep. Tulsi Gabbard On America's Role In The World

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard explains a 2020 foreign policy platform that is largely informed by her own experience serving in the military.

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  1. Stephen, this is precisely why I stopped watching you over a year ago. You're not anti-corruption, anti-war, or progressive. You're just anti-Trump. You ought to be ashamed of the corporate talking points you asked Tulsi Gabbard. The vast majority of our politicians need to be left behind, and we need to move forward.

  2. Colbert…. doing the dirtiest work. No better then that red dresses hack who interviewed her on CNN…. SAME QUESTIONS!!! SHAME….. SHAAAAAMMMEEEE.

  3. Give Stephen a break you guys, what's going on? You WANT an interviewer to ask tough questions especially of a presidential candidate. How else are you going to know if the candidate is tough enough to handle the job? She handled it beautifully so why are y'all pissed that she didn't get softball questions?

  4. I guy tell you 100% Stephen Colbert truly disgusted me with this interview how he treated her was just so disrespectful and number two it just goes to show you how out of touch with the real world he is he really was trying to act like it's okay for America do we bombing 8 different countries because we're for some good so apparently killing innocent civilians every single year wasting trillions of dollars of US taxpayer money is okay because it's a force of good this is disgusting!!!

  5. Stephen you are now on the same level as Piers Morgan. Classless interview. Credit Tulsi for seeing it coming and remaining totally poised.

  6. Stephen Colbert is a multimillionaire who is being funded by billionaires.
    He is a mouthpiece for the elite who start our endless wars.
    It's time to make a real change.  
    Stephen Colbert…prepare to feel blowback for your blood soaked interrogation.

  7. For those against Colbert's question about David Duke et al: I believe what he was doing was giving her a change to state that she was against them to, hopefully, quiet those trying to associate her with white supremacists. His phrasing was quite clearly that they liked her, and not even intimating that she had any sympathies in alignment with them.

  8. Would like Steve Colbert to answer the questions he asked. Does anyone think that the loss of life is worth overthrowing regimes? Corporations run this country and make money off war. We spend too much money on war and no money on infrastructure or healthcare of our citizens. Cooperation and not conflict.
    Shame on Steve Colbert.

  9. Lots of people calling this a hit piece, but I thought it was a brilliant interview. (With the exception of the David Duke, et al, question– which I thought was of a waste of time). Stephen expressed exactly the reasonable objections to each point. Gabbard answered them brilliantly. Really refreshing interview.

  10. Hillary talking in his ear piece. Use to like his humor, he's not funny anymore repeating Centrist Clinton/DNC talking points.

  11. Tulsi is great but what a disaster from Colbert. This guy used to be the TOP COMEDY showman, but now it is an expose of the Government. This world is about to change, tectonic changes are withing the next few years.

    This show is SHIT.

  12. Impressive appearance by Tulsi. She was engaging and communicating her points well.
    (I see a lot of outrage in the comments – but Colbert is just asking what people are thinking. It's a good thing that he brought those points up – gives her a chance to answer!)

  13. So Stephen Colbert wants us to carpet bomb Damascus, overthrow the government and create another Iraq, he wants the US to kill hundreds of thousands of syrians in bombing and then send US troops to die for nothing that's what Stephen Colbert wants that's what he's advocating for right now. Colbert laughed it up with all the other Democratic nominees on the show for some reason he's followed suit with morning Joe and wanted to roast Tulsi for no reason.

  14. The gassing of civilians by the Syrian government was not prooved. It's actually most unlikely. Not because Bashar is a nice guy! I'm sure he's not but it would have had little strategic value and be hugely politically damaging.

  15. Stephen Colbert is a hack sounding like he got paid off from the deep state to make it sound like war is good. Stephen tries but gets owned…………. BOOOOOOM TULSI 2020/2024

  16. I think if those are the questions liberal people want to ask her, then Colbert did good by choosing those questions. She took them like a pro anyways. Although I see how he'd never ask people like Hillary those kind of questions, or associate her with far left violence.

  17. As someone from the middle East who has to constantly watch his region suffer as a result of us regime changes and as someone who lives in the west and understands the need for a focus on good domestic policy (as opposed to pandering and posturing), I think Tulsi Gabbard is an excellent candidate!

  18. I dont really see why people think this interview was that bad. He gave her the opportunity to spell out who she is and her stance on foreign policy (which sounds pretty good imo).

    If you don’t think she’s going to get these questions and tougher ones in the debates and throughout the course of her campaign you’re just wrong.

  19. this is blatant corporatism, Stephen….not one original question…same dishonest talking points and attack questions as the rest of the willfully ignorant sellouts. this is the last straw for me and I'm done with you. thumbs down is for you, not Tulsi.

  20. How did the guy that used to stand up to George W Bushs horrible policies, become a pompous mouthpiece for the establishment. Absolutely disgraceful line of questioning

  21. I didn´t find the interview to bad in any major way. He asked questions that are often raised and she gave excellent answers. He is not a journalist but I would wish that he asked tougher questions to other, more establishment candidates.

  22. What a biased interview. Is Colbert really that naive about U.S. military intervention? And a “why does David Duke support you?” question? Disappointed in Stephen.

  23. Hey tulsi is a tough cookie. He is actually asking very tough nuanced questions. This was successful. Do you prefer a nerfball fox type admiration fest? The david duke, the bannon thing is divisive trolling and the right will attack her on it!!!

  24. Assad never used chemical weapons, The rebels staged everyone of these false flag chemical attacks in order to give Washington an excuse for direct military intervention. And Washington is not a force for good in the world. Washington is a force for war in the world in order to control petroleum reserves and the pipelines to transport those petroleum reserves.

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