Republican Support Collapses In The Suburbs, Democrats Win Big In Virginia

Surf’s up Democrats! Tuesday’s election results show there’s a big blue wave sweeping through suburban America. #Monologue #Impeachment #Colbert

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  1. How come the dufus actors standing behind the orange are all wearing "Read the Transcript" shirts. We read it geniuses, "but you gotta do me a favor though", abuse of power, quid pro quo, your orange b*tch is guilty and should be impeached and removed before you dragged your sorry ass to that event!

  2. Colbert, how will you account for
    wasting four years of valuable air
    time on diatribe that leads to Mr.
    Trumps reelection? Can't wait to
    see the look on your face.

  3. all around the world we are seeing mass protest against corruption and dictators
    While is America they are willingly voting it in
    Don’t give the most powerful country to corruption vote red

  4. Yes yes yes and yes. It is time. The red b.s GOP need to all go away. Let's bring back democracy, decency, normal to our government and our life. Let's all start combating the climate change because that will make or break us all red or blue or whatever else. Personally I wish all the red GOP disappear for good forever completely wipes off on the face of the earth for the good of all of us the normal decent people.

  5. Lol Virginia the obvious liberal state votes blue suprise, suprise!
    This is no Blue wave…
    America wont vote Blue in 2020 mark my words.

  6. This all is really funny, the first thing that happens is they say that the transcript will get Trump impeached, Trump then releases the transcript and the DemoRATS find nothing, they then say that all of the whistleblowers will get Trump Impeached but they never ever disclose any of their names, it would be fine if they added in some substitute to try and get him impeached like showing actual crimes but all the things they say rely on multiple people who may be the same and they say they won't show all the details because it would put the whistleblowers in danger, well then how are you supposed to impeach him with no proof? They ignore the Epstein drama and just keep on rerunning the same fucking statement over and over again with no proof.

    Open your eyes.

  7. Bevin is going to win by contesting it and letting the Republican legislature decide. Then he'll spend years griping that Democrats don't respect the consequences of elections.

  8. Mitch McConnell is not doing anything Democrats were not doing during the Clinton impeachment. Both sides will defend a lying POS president in their party over anyone in the other party. I really don't care if trump is impeached but have little hope he will be removed. Bill Clinton was found guilty of perjury becouse he lied under oath denying Paula Jones of her civil rights. Clinton lost his license to practice law and was fined $800k for his crimes.

    Had the Democrats cared about the facts and rule of law Clinton would have been removed from office.

  9. Why is the Coal Mining CULT45GOP still so strong? Y'ALL need Green Jobs & Universal Healthcare!
    Republicans NEVER mentioned a Plan for your future… Did Republicans ever mentioned a Plan? 🧐 Donald only did a hate filled Stand Up Uncomical Routine at every Klan Rally… Trump never mentioned a Plan with specific 💩… Did you notice that? Helloooo Mississippi?! Trump loves the uneducated! 🎵 🥁 Rimshot 🤭😂

    🇺🇸🤦🏽‍♂️ Point Proven!

  10. ‘I’m here to see the colonial.”

    “Colonial ain’t here, he dead.”

    “The Cooolllloooniaaal “

    “What wrong with you? I say you heard dead’”

  11. The channel of the brainwashed. This is hilarious. You guys are lost in the Matrix, and don't even know it.

  12. Typical narcissistic rant from Trump. If anything wonderful happened, it was because of my stable genius. If anything bad happened, it's the Democrats who screwed it up.

  13. SC and TLS
    TY for your account of the daily news
    Prefer to see/hear it from you
    (–find it a little more uplifting, ha!)
    Hope all America soon sees the evil work of T and his minions and what it is doing to this country

  14. Don’t you dare give America to the democrats do not give the most powerful country in the world to dictators the world is begging you vote red
    Don’t fuck this up

  15. let's all hold hands now wear feminist pussyhats talk about LGBT community rights become vegan and give antifa and blm the streets to tell us how everything is racist cancel culture all the comedians and other then Colbert because he's part of are democratic party propaganda program lmaooo I don't think blue is such a good thing in 2019 liberals are embarrassment to sjws

  16. I Will Never Be Distracted.
    I am still waiting for HIS Tax Returns, an unredacted Mueller Report, a deal with CHINA 🇨🇳, an enforcement of the Emoluments clause, Universal Background Checks for ALL gun sales, Federal Legalization of Marijuana and a possible solution to the Opiod Crisis, Humane Treatment of Asylum Seekers, Permanent Resident Status for ALL in the Dreamers Act, (a republican plan for Government Universal Healthcare & Climate Change 🤭🤣😂)… Sorry the Republican joke was just sitting there. THEY don't have any plans for stuff like the health of the people or the planet! #JustSayin' 🙄
    I'm NOT distracted by the current administration's inability to be truthful about anything at all. 🧐
    Trump INC + GOP = 🇷🇺
    #45&Wayne LaPathetic 😒
    + #MoscowMitch 🐢
    🇷🇺 True ASSets 🇷🇺

  17. I wish the barbs about people's ages were below your staff writers. It's gotten ridiculous. And they always have the same butt to the joke. Biden is a year younger than Bernie, and yet you only come for one of them. Wonder why.

  18. Wow Colbert has really lost his mind. The best part of waking up is liberal tears in my cup! Get ready for 4 more years of TRUMP ya losers hahahahah

  19. A President With A Brain Tumor
    Running A 2020 Campaign From Ukraine To Mexico Inheritance Of Trump Bankruptcy Unlimited Legacy!

  20. When a blue state wins a blue election it is NOT considered a huge win, unless people think the opposite result what predicted. It wasn't. EVERYONE knows the city scum in Virginia, just like the rest of the country are ruining the United States….


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