Shepard Fairey Talks "Hope", "Obey" & Art

Shepard Fairey rose to prominence with his iconic Obama “Hope” poster. His new book “Covert To Overt” is available now.

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  1. In the tough times of the Trump era, we think standing up for human rights and embracing the arts is as important as ever! That's why we turned Shepard Fairey's exhibition “Damaged” into an app! You can go through the exhibit on your phone and listen to two hours of narration by Shepard, the app also has an AR feature so you can physically walk the show. The name of the app is called Damaged and you can find it in the app store. We would love your feedback!

  2. i really admired his artworks. first time i knew him was from the game Getting Up for ps2. man that andre poster just stuck in my head ever since. and his later works are really good tho i really like the propaganda style he put in his arts

  3. Keep going buddy you are inspiring a lot of people, God bless you God bless your heart you are a true American.. all your haters swallow their own poison!!

  4. why the fuck did this guy painted shit on my country, Portugal?
    what approvance did he got from to paint a commie soldier on a building here?

  5. I own one of the original signed prints of his Bernie Sanders/Red Hot Chili Peppers posters from their live performance at Ace Hotel in LA. $220 worth of framing but well worth it for awesome art work.

  6. Anyone else notice his shirt? It's a badass design. It is the logo from an old punk rock band called Crass, who sang a lot of controversial political songs and were very outspoken about being against the system. The original band's logo has a cross in the center, he replaced it here with a peace symbol.

    Very creative choice on his part, and for the people who get it, that is a very powerful message to wear such a shirt on a major TV show.

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