Susan Rice: Pulling U.S. Troops From Northern Syria Is "Bat**** Crazy"

Former National Security Advisor Ambassador Susan Rice, who has a new memoir, ‘Tough Love,’ believes Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. Troops from northern Syria is a dangerous betrayal to Kurdish allies who have been fighting ISIS on America’s behalf. #Colbert #LSSC #Interviews

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  1. This bitch lies and doesn't even blush! "Assad's SECOND Chemical Attack on his people!" Yes, yes, but of course, Susan, except the fact that while the first one was anecdotally widely-know as a FAKE, the second one was actually a well-DOCUMENTED, FACTUALLY rebuked fake – but wait – you guys FAILED to show up at the presentation set up, hmm, so inconveniently, right in HAGUE, in the very Headquarters of The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, with, you know, SEVERAL actors who were all apparently DEAD in that "horrible attack", being present there IN PERSON, and in good health 2 :)) Haven''t heard of that "presentation", have you, American truth-seekers? :))

    Why, just watch another dramatic MOVIE by the "White Helmets" (by the way, WHY did you guys cut funding to this beautiful, wonderful, entirely democratic organization of peace-loving film-makers? Giving up on even more "friends", America?) – at least while these imbeciles shoot videos, they cannot be organ-harvesting, and/or looting locals at the same time.

    And i especially liked the "put the FEAR of GOD into the Syrians and the Russians" part :)) Oh, sweet sweet, Susan :))
    This elegant, mildly retarded lady has NO fucking CLUE what is REALLY going on in a world :))

  2. Hey, and what did you guys promise to the Ukrainians? :)) U know, the ones who been "fighting on your behalf", (and with your older, signed off equipment 2!) with the Terrible Putin's Russia?

  3. This woman is one of the black trojan horses of the corrupt global establishment!

    Please stop spreading bullshit; you know too well that ISIS prisoners are held in prisons where American soldiers are. Those prisons are still run by the American soldiers. So if those prisoners get set lose then the one who sets them lose would be the Americans and not the Turks! And whats more is that those ISIS fighters are operating on behalf of America; they are America's boys and girls. It is still fresh in our minds how they were evacuated from Rakka by the Americans and stationed else where to cause more problems. BBC is report is still on youtube if you want to watch it to refresh your memory!

    People like you are just evil!

  4. For people who don't know, The Kurds have made a secular, democratic part of the world over there, it's amazing what they have done, left wing fighter from Europe and America (other places too) have joined them and fought and died over the last few years, now America does this. Shame. Plus the EU won't condem Turkey strongly as the threat is to open a corridor which would allow Syrian immigrants into Europe so the EU is acting cowardly as well.

  5. 80% of the Kurds don't like ypg/pkk, this organisation is like isis.. btw the turkish army killed last year more than 3000 isis terrorists.

  6. This is sadly a very biased and wrong version of what's going on there, I would expect Colbert to at least equalise the nonsense she's talking about.

    Here's some insight: First of all, those people do not represent all the Kurds, so they shouldn't be called "The Kurds", Turkey has a lot more Kurdish citizens who are all against these seperatists. Also do some research and learn why Turkey is calling those people terrorists, then you will see how twisted and strategically wrong it is to support a terrorist organisation against the wishes of a NATO ally, and 2nd strongest army of NATO.

    This would happen eventually, you can't expect to arm another terrorist group to solve a terror crisis because those same weapons are also used against your NATO ally, proving their previous warnings right and because of that, eventually those rebels would be crushed and now at last that's happening.

    So, for not contradicting with either side, from the beginning you should have worked with your allies and support them instead. Or in the end you will have to pull your troops from the oncoming wave of the "Wolves", and yes, that's actually what Turks are.

    I hope lesson is learned, if you're a fat pig or a lamb, don't cross with the wolves or whine when you are hunted 😉

  7. There is no ISIS right in syria They are all prisoner? So, why refuges dont back their home, because there is another TERRORIST grup who is YPG/PKK KURDS in syria.

  8. No, Susan Rice. YOU are batshit crazy. Susan Rice 2002 "It's clear that Iraq poses a major threat. It's clear that its weapons of mass destruction need to be dealt with forcefully, and that's the path we're on."

  9. I dare Republicans to dare tell me what did your saviors do for American people ? I can Give you many answers but you might not like them .

  10. Trump doesn't care he never served a day in the Military and neither did his family. Trump did this because he has Trump Towers II in Turkey. Trump is doing this to serve his personal interests. This is totally disgusting that any president is able to do this especially one under investigation on his own without being checked. Okay we have been at war too long I get that but instead of just leaving we have to have a plan. Now ISIS can hurt America and anyone they want. Trump is an idiot. I expect nothing less from our child rapist president.

  11. For trump, his bank account is much more important than human lives. He may be reckoned now among the most disgusting 'leaders' in recent history, and by far worst president the US ever had. Can the number 45 be eliminated from the row, please?

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