The Best (And Worst) Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day. But it’s also available in the form of bacon and buttons.

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  1. So if your partner is fast asleep how would they see the light with the "Love Sync" device? Maybe the inventor should add an alarm clock messege "WAKE UP, IM HORNY"?

  2. For the low cost of 0.00 dollars you could ask your parter: "Wanna do it?", but who wants that? Buy Lovesynch and make your relationship ten thousand times more awkward!

  3. Didgeridoo wife call was hilarious! Don't know about getting a shag with that thing but it certainly will cure snoring and sleep apnea!!

  4. You know damn well one persons in a room somewhere just mashing that button like “does this thing work? How come I never see the glow??”

  5. Ah the good ol' "I can't play the Didgeridoo"-fart that sounds upon placing your lips on the Didgerid-opening and applying pressure…
    Last time I heard that was when Vuvuzela ruled the world

  6. Lovesync, when you want to turn your wife or girlfriend into a flight attendant that has to go back to that family at row 35 AGAIN cause that stupid kid keeps pressing the attention button.

  7. Love Sync – the perfect parting gift from Hannity and Trump after he gets kicked out of the white-house in 2020.

  8. The love sync campaign actually got a pledge of 9K on kickstarter for a really stupid idea , the video is super awkward and most likely developed by people who never came close to having an encounter, and honestly if your communication with your partner is that bad, you really should not be jumping into bed with them.

  9. back in the 1960s when i was growing up, my parents always kept a candle on the bedside table, the only place in the house we ever had one. years later mom revealed to me that, as harried, hard-working young parents, that candle got lit by either of them if they "were in the mood", and if the other was too exhausted or distracted or just not feeling it, that one would blow out the candle, no words, no rejection, no hurt feelings, just cuddle up together and go to sleep. if the candle stayed lit, well these were my parents, i can't finish that thought! i have always thought of this as a touching symbol of their love for each other.

    happy valentine's day!

  10. Saint Valentine of course…because I Grok! Jill looked puzzled. "I don't know how to express it. Yes, I do! — Ben, have you ever seen an angel?"
    Heart Shaped Cinnabons, and yes! they need a touch of salt.

  11. Yes, it's great being anonymous from your partner. Keeping your feelings to yourself is crucial in a healthy relationship.
    "Alexa, is my partner horny?"

  12. About 50 percent of the adult population understand just why St Valentine was imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies.

  13. What in the everloving hell is LoveSync for?! Good god, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

    "Hey, wanna–"
    "Ask me in an hour, I'm watching my show."
    "Yes ma'am."


  14. Steven…I love your show, but you really shouldn't have done that final gag. The didgeridoo is held in pretty high esteem with Aboriginal Australians, it's not a good look to use it like this :/

  15. Taking the phrase you push my button to ridiculous marketing extremes. Stephen aptly taking the piss, another apt phrase.

  16. The perfect ending would have been the sound of a different didgeridoo and Colbert stopping mid sentence and leave the stage.

  17. Interesting fact. Women are forbidden to touch a didgeridoo until post menopausal. It is "Men's Law", and the reason is, by cultural tradition based on the "Dream Time", quite valid, but forbidden for me, a woman, to reveal. Post menopausal Elder Women often design and decorate ceremonial ngaribi, as it is called in my part of Australia. Their designs are "Women's Business".

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