'The Brady Bunch' Cast Wielded Jackhammers For HGTV Series

The original cast of ‘The Brady Bunch,’ who reunited for the HGTV series ‘A Very Brady Renovation,’ actively participated in the demolition and renovations of the iconic house that their characters lived in. #LSSC #Colbert #Interviews

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  1. OMG, Barry and Eve literally look like Robert Reed and Florence Henderson!!! Except Barry's hair is a bit too much! Robert never had gray hair, but maybe like Susan and Mike, had to keep his hair colored frequently. Like Pauley Perette(NCIS) had to keep her hair colored for the 15 (14?) years on the show. Her tats had to be applied daily. It's crazy what people do for their job.

  2. The reason the ratings were so high on the HGTV reveal is because the baby boom generation was the largest generation ever in its time. And it still has a lot of influence on the future Generations.

  3. I kind of wish they'd identified who played who. I could pick the eldest two easily enough (I swear Marsha's barely aged) but I struggled more with the younger ones.

  4. I love how they are all still so close, and how they all turned out so well! Having great adults on set (and I assume, at home) makes a big difference!

  5. I feel the same as Stephen. These were the super-mega stars of my childhood. And they'll maintain that status in my life forever. Maureen is still so lovely.

  6. OK, 117 episodes and 117 quotes in order. Ready?

    “I told you boys to put that dog back in the car!”
    “I didn’t write that letter either.”
    “A girls’ clubhouse!”
    “It’s just not my Kitty.”
    “You stupid dog. Get out of here!”
    “Fairy Princess?”
    “South? To Seattle?”
    “She’d rather ski than eat.”
    “It’s my mess. I’ll clean it up.”
    “I don’t have a dime!”
    “Only if you keep your distance!”
    “A TV set! A color TV set!”
    “Let’s scare them now.”
    “With that creep, Felix Brown!”
    “Win him over? Mike, this is bribery.”
    “He’s Santa Claus!”
    “No Michael, fluffier!”
    “How about Linda?”
    “Every house settles a little.”
    “He’s, eh, been here before.”
    “So you’ve all been bribed. Good night!”
    “Yeah, it just floated off somewhere.”
    “My beautiful little locket!”
    “Yesterday, it was one wall.”
    “I’ll never wash this cheek again!”
    “You asked what Harvey likes. Bugs.”
    “I’ll never play that stupid game again!”
    “You didn’t chain the door!”
    “Me and the Mrs. got a great bunch of kids.”
    “You stole food.”
    “Itching powder in the sleeping bags!”
    “Mom’s favorite vase.”
    “She’s hugging the postman!”
    “Cleans a mean waste basket.”
    “His name… was Myron.”
    “Baby talk, baby talk, it’s a wonder you can walk.”
    “It ought to be a lot higher.”
    “Barnacle barge?!”
    “His name is George. George Glass.”
    “I listen to what they say.”
    “Boom, boom, boom.”
    “The cigarettes. They’re mine.”
    “She looks like she’s got a skunk sleeping on her head!”
    “I’ve got a quarter for some glue.”
    “I am a little Sunflower, sunny, brave, and true.”
    “I’m thinking again!”
    “I lost… again.”
    “Save Woodland Park. It’s for the birds!”
    “Six wives?!”
    “Cash money, if you don’t mind.”
    “No, they just do it for the tourists.”
    “Sleeping lizard? Middle buffalo?”
    “I stopped squeaking last year!”
    “He said he was gonna corrupt the guy’s erupter.”
    “Pork chops and applesauce. Isn’t that swell?”
    “All I ever hear is Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”
    “We can’t let two little kids beat us out.”
    “He’s at the top of my crumb list.”
    “Bang, he buckles down and brings home an A.”
    “We were motivating.”
    “Unless I break something else first!”
    “Smile like last time!”
    “That’s an awful cold dime!”
    “Well, how ‘bout the flip side?”
    “Sha na na na na!”
    “It’s warm in here. Put the top down.”
    “Now that’s nice to hear!”
    “I like them all, but I think I like the candy bar the best.”
    “A primate has the size and shape of a monkey, a man, or any old ape.”
    “Hut two, three, four, I don’t like this anymore.”
    “Honorable father use honorable noodle.”
    “Colonel Dick Whitfield, the astronaut!”
    “It’ll bring you good luck!”
    “Bad luck, come and get me!”
    “You found a find that I didn’t find!”
    “Little puffs of smoke’ll come out, and lava’s gonna ooze all over the place!”
    “Hello lovely one!”
    “Here comes Alice!”
    “Me? An architect?”
    “Here, Pandora!”
    “I wish I were an only child!”
    “Wherever we go, whatever we do, we’re gonna go through it together!”
    “Women! One nice word, and you get all wet!”
    “Good! Two fruit cups!”
    “He has a wife, child, maybe even a dog.”
    “A mean, dirty killer!”
    “Everyone in this house has been in this bathroom.”
    “My exact words.”
    “Hey, you guys! Oh, my nose!”
    “You’re just not mechanically inclined.”
    “The Silver Platters!”
    “Judge, you forgot your hat!”
    “And I’m not budging!”
    “Snow White and the Seven Dopeys?”
    “That’s Cindy’s handwriting!”
    “Because you fit the suit!”
    “The mumps?!”
    “Phil, Phil Packer.”
    “C’mon, Raquel, stop it!”
    “Do I look like a Marg?”
    “He’s a Fairview fink!”
    “Your name sure isn’t Peter.”
    “The bathroom’s on my side of no-man’s land.”
    “I’ve almost finished my painting!”
    “You two don’t by any chance sleep in bunk beds?”
    “Start the car, Miss Brady.”
    “She’s going with Billy Garst, who also didn’t want to be seen with you.”
    “I was going to be a basketball star on Kaplutis.”
    “Mike, I’m seeing double!”
    “He’s a jinx!”
    “I’m the good ship, Lollipop!”
    “Happy chewing—Dick Matthews.”
    “Sam’s a double agent!”
    “Graduation’s tomorrow, and I’ve got orange hair!”

    That’s the way they became the Brady Bunch!

  7. Colbert is such a loser riding on Donald Trump's coattails… You can't get much lower than that … What a boring one-trick Pony 🇺🇸

  8. I’m an idiot. I was thinking Cindy was the mom until they started talking about Florence Henderson not being there. 🤦‍♀️

  9. This was wonderful, thank you!
    But who could ever foresee the Brady Bunch kids being orphans.
    RIP Robert Reed and Florence Henderson.

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