Trump Calls Military Drills 'Ridiculous' After Reading Letter From Kim Jong Un

The bromance between our President and the North Korean dictator continued over the weekend as Trump bragged about the “beautiful letter” he received from Kim. #LSSC #Colbert #Bromance

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  1. I'm German + Trump is from his grandfather's side from Germany, 90% of all Germans despise Trump, even Hitler couldn't speak so much rubbish like Trump.

  2. Presenting this in a funny manner is misleading. There's nothing funny about what Trump is doing to America. Trump is totally delusional and a menace to the security of our nation. It stuns me to think that 60 million people voted for him even though they had ample data and ample time to study that pointed out what he was and has always been, before the election. His attack on this country on every level is so disruptive one would think he's being paid to do it. Or, maybe it's plain old blackmail. Those who think we can recover from his onslaught are mistaken. He has proven that America cannot be trusted or relied upon. That will adversely effect every aspect of our nation and each of us personally as well for the foreseeable future.

  3. "A VERY BEAUTIFUL LETTER FROM KIM JON UN YESTERDAY, they literally take it from North Korea to my office, hand-delivered and wasn't touched by anybody." (rhubarb, rhubarb….) I must suppose it was so damn secret because there were porn photos of very strict-looking female sado officers of the North Korean Stalinist state security in that letter, the only thing that can get Trump a stiff boner nowadays !

  4. What's wrong with being ridiculous isn't this guy ridiculous every single day is it a bad thing is it a good thing you tell me because you yourself are ridiculous mr. TV show host

  5. The exercises are actually an act of aggression. The exercises consist not only of how to defend but how to invade North Korea if the circumstances became advantageous to do so. It would be like if China and Mexico held joint exercises in the Gulf of Mexico in what they would do if there was an opportunity to invade the United States. Of course the United States would not allow such exercises to take place.

  6. How horrible to have the draft dodger in chief taking advice from nk's murderous god-king. Though it is a title I am sure trump's covets to go with his extensive military training and Adonis like body…No wait he never served has no idea what training and preparedness is and looks like stuffed Mr Potato Head after being dipped in cheap orange paint.

  7. Stupid, Colshit… really can't be that stupid (or maybe you can!)….Read it again: Kim Jong Un (in THE LETTER, ya styoopid fucktard!!!) was complaining about the expensive exercises!!!!
    President Trump wasn't complaining about it!!!….
    Go back to school and get a refund!!!!

  8. Shinzo Abe’s Father was never a kamikaze pilot. The war ended before he could finish his training. Let’s get the facts straight.

  9. Kim Jong Un said the drills are ridiculous… Trump didn't say that drills are ridiculous (as per the title and Colbert's commentary), he relayed that Un said that… Big difference and you don't have to misrepresent reality to mock Trump accurately.

    Colbert and the people running the show either lack the intelligence to know the difference or the integrity to not make false claims to align with their agenda,

  10. My god, he is such a moron. We in the rest of the world recognise that the USA (Ununited States of America aka UnScrupulous America) is a hair's breadth away from being a dictatorship. The moron in the White House openly ignores your constitution, if not having totally trashed it. He has loaded your judiciary with provably corrupt and criminal cronies, he spouts vitriol and incites violence. Think back people. Think Germany. Think the 1930's. I see a hell of a lot of similarity. It's only going to take one or two more issues to push you totally over the edge into dictatorship

  11. That's called a diplomatic courier + strangely the reference to the kamakasi pilot historically the diplomatic pouch hand delivered never made it in time it was a warning about the Pearl Harbor attack. They never received it.

  12. Trump is playing mind games with those acclaimed letters…if indeed Kim writes TRUMP in honesty…Trump Will be so proud and open to show the letter not just waving a peice of paper he picked from his office to keep up with his lies

  13. So trump loves Nazis, komikaze pilots and any foreign leader that poses a threat to America…. I wonder if he knows American history at all. Seems he loves all of America's past and present enemies. American POWs aren't worthy of President's admiration but suicide bombers are? I would wish trump could take his family "back" to Germany, but it seems the nazis were all welcomed here in the 1900s.

    For the first time I would would actually have to question if an attack on the White House was in defense of, or in opposition to human rights. All those Americans that were scarred, maimed, killed while being told they were fighting for freedom and humanitarian reasons…. well who cares about them, right? They are dead after all, no more money from that pocket. I can appreciate trump and his fan section trying to fertilize the planet, but please don't defecate on the graves of my ancestors… I would rather you turn every national cemetery into a pasture. At least let the shit be useful to others then.

    The sourced media and social media platforms should be offering free history classes, by now! It would be nice if people could spot an American enemy before voting them into any PUBLIC office. The president certainly needs to be reminded, by Congress and the public, that the President is a public SERVANT leadership role! He is a failure for AMERICA in every form. Befriending our enemies does not make us SAFER. WAKE UP ALREADY! You all keep trumpeting about the next civil war, how about some thought to protecting the country from those enjoying what they caused.

  14. Trump is the best thing that has happened to your country and your all so brainwashed by this schmuck.
    I have pitty for you if you believe anything from this waste of air that presents treason to you all.

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