Trump Labels The Trade War A 'Little Squabble'

Today’s Donald Trump vocabulary word of the day: squabble.

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  1. Trumps idiotic tweets give me headaches. I suspect many if not most are from him with his huge nasty ass on the toilet. He's a simpleton grifted by his father into UPenn after struggling thru reform high school where he was relieved as class ( very small class) leader for reasons he is lying about just as he covers up his mediocre academic performance. Trump claimed he graduated first in his class – we know now that was another of his flagrant bold-faced lies, he never even once made the Dean's list. And yes trumps rural/redneck dimwitted supporters are experts at the nonsequiter.

  2. ‘…If you’re a business, all you have to do is build or make your products in the US. It works out very well.” (— Pres Trump)
    Pinocchio fact 1: Even Small Businesses will pay the tariff. When ordering items /inventory to sell: that product will cost it’s Regular cost (RC) plus added levies/tariffs. RC+T= Higher Prices
    a) Very few companies MAKE their products in the US. To switch back over to this model would take years of building factories 🏭. Even then Unions would cripple these businesses demanding more & more money for Union workers. If a company cedes to Union demands, products skyrocket on goods.
    b) Has he never watched the “Shark Tank”? If Those Sharks buy the pitch, inevitably they have the item produced in the countries where manufacturing is lower, thus increasing the ROI on the product.
    c) The US Des not have the ability to produce all of the thousands of electrical parts found in many electrical items (rather not at a production price to wholesale price to SRP) where Americans would “buy American”. (That is just one small sector of ‘goods and services). Even Apple & Samsung rely upon parts made in Asia, or have the devices made there entirely.
    d) The President, due to his unknown portfolio, unknown investments, is in a unique position to buy, sell, and trade; to short stocks & options, and in general, to make money off of this mayhem he is strolling our economy into.
    e) I could keep shouting about the dangers of treating this global economic market so flippantly & irreverently with a heavy dose of ‘laissez-faire’ about its outcome, but NO ONE IS LISTENING.

  3. This guy and Trevor Noah have no other material except Trump. Urgh! So boring. They both have a hard on for Trump. Another 4 more years of mediocre broadcasting.

  4. Nobody else commenting about this, but I would watch the hell out of that spring break. I'm not a very sexual person, but asians are so often so cute regardless of gender, with the most beautiful and aesthetic skinny bodies, and I hate seeing drunk people, it's just sad, so this would be a win/win.

  5. "It's just a little squabble.. why can't people just ask their dad for $2 million dollars pocket change when they move out their house? Or ask their dad to bail them out when my steel tariffs drive their business to bankruptcy? c'mon folks!" -Drumpf

  6. The orange one has officially shown he is nuts! It's also fitting that he and his children's junk is excluded from the tariffs, which is a good thing as you can see; And that is Before we talk about the record Trade deficit the highest in history! It is time people, Do your duty! Everyone needs to contact their representatives, and call them(you need a verifiable name and address,so the sockpuppets and foreigners can't do it) and since they're starting to hide their numbers(against Everything this country stands for!)call the Capital Switchboard – the switchboard will connect you to any office. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 Only together can we take this country back, and make it the one that honored the Founding Fathers…do it for the it for the Nation! #RemoveTrumpNow!

  7. Please tell Trump,
    Farmers are Not Beggars,
    Farmers don't want AIDs.
    (Acute Income Deficiency Syndrome)
    Farmers providing Food to all of the World.
    America move up to Tech and Innovation and give up Industries.
    America Blames China for America incompetence.
    America Now knows that Tech and Innovation needs Industries.

  8. So … "Socialism" will save the farmers losses. The idiot "Trumpettes" continue to swallow all the Verbal diarrhea coming out of trumps tiny little mouth. We gotta dump President Cheeto the "Orange Clown" in 2020!

  9. Remember that beautiful day in November 2016 (No reaction from audience)
    That’s one of the highest rated days in the history of television (Queue applause)
    One of the highest (More applause)
    One of the highest…
    Classic Trump. He repeats himself until everyone acknowledges him, regardless of how untrue what he’s saying is.

  10. " $18-billion dollars because of a Trade-War, is far better than the loss of our soldiers fighting wars of no profit at all". Our G.D.P. is $21-Trillion. Or, $2100- Billion. Our Our National Defense costs 3.6% of our G.D.P. The 1.2-million Lawyers of the bar in America, receive in paychecks 5% of U.S. G.D.P. Every 20-year cycle, they divide all our $21-Trillion GDP among themselves. 18 is a very small percentage of 2100. off the top of my head, I'm guessing Point-000133 percent of our G.D.P. Full 50% of our Defense Budget can be trimmed off, simply by converting to an all Submarine Fleet, Bunker Fuel is 50% of our Defense spending, and 80% of our poor foreign policy. America has the advantage. China has more entertaining propaganda that this show, though.

  11. How this fool tryin to cut China off .. uh don’t the U.S owe them TRILLIONS minimum 🤦🏾‍♂️ this fool here 😂 .. y’all be ready for war ⚰️😂

  12. President trump is referring to " Farm Product" because Soy-Beans are virtually the only thing they buy, and they can't feed their people without it. So, you have a mono-crop only hippies eat, broke hippies, and this is bad for the soil, one defect can kill a whole crop. it's not like subsidizing Corn for Ethanol, Soybeans can just be replaced with all kinds of crops that pay more money, like Cranberries.We have the food, we have the advantage in this Trade-War, and the man you can the last living California raisin? Kudlow is a man who studied Economics because of his firm belief in the works of Asimov in 1955. Asimov's plans for a better America, include a Google, and a nuclear threat from a child-dictator who has a rudimentary nuke, but our Fictional Trump goes to this kid, and has a man to man talk, and the kid is fooled by our hidden and superior product. This creates a " Three-Kingdoms Cold War", a Detente' where America spends less and less on National Defense, while engaging in TRADE WARS for 50-years. This is Trump's economic plan. so, if Trump says to call it a Trade-War? Do it. If Trump runs for re-Election on the " Action-Party" platform/ Just accept that he will win. When he mentions taxing the shit out of the British for " Remittances for past actions", just go along with it. We will WIN BIGLY.

  13. Yeah, the tariffs work out great. All you have to do is open 5 or 10 manufacturing plants to make all the little whatsits for your end product…….easy peasy. OGz, he is such a dumbass.

  14. Has it already been noted that China has a social credit system that will REALLY encourage them not to buy American products? US is likely to be hurting a lot more than China.

  15. Goodbye establishment shill, you make Bill Maher look like he's not bought and paid for. The Zionist States of America going to war in Iran for Zionism and you just talk garbage about the usual Trump shit. Old, stale but its all about the Benjamins right?!

  16. Best part of this video – not lost on me when John Baptiste played a quick reference to 'If I only Had a Brain' from the Wizard of Oz in the background. 05:50 Anyone else catch it? Hilarious! Just perfect.

  17. I'm definitely not a fan of Trumps. But if the Democrats want to win in 2020 they are going to have to have somebody with a big set of balls. Biden is not that. Joe Biden's a really nice guy and everybody loves him but he's not going to do the crazy ass stuff that trumps doing. The trade war will definitely straighten out things between us and China before it's too late and China's economy gets bigger than ours which will allow them to call all the shots as long as he doesn't back down on it. But backing out of the Iran nuclear deal was not a great idea I thinking you can not bully Iran into eliminating there leaders and install a new friendly government is only going to get us into a a big military problem.. They should have negotiated terms on top of the current agreement. It wasn't a bad deal it just didn't include other things that Trump could have wanted so you don't eliminate the whole deal just because Obama negotiated it

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