Trump To Rally Crowd: I'm Never Leaving Office

The President revisited some of his favorite themes at his rally in North Carolina last night, including his ‘joke’ about staying on at the White House for a third term or longer. #Monologue #Colbert #LSSC

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  1. Wow, everyday Colbert has something bad to say about the President because he's making up for all that time he said he wouldn't win before the election😏

  2. You watch, 45 is masterminding a coup to stay in office…he is planning it, we better be ready to counter any BS he plans…where are the sane whistle blowers in the WH?

  3. The asshole is on a real tear with his base of fake religion, evangelical assholes. Yeah, and if the Democrats don't have religion, he does, right? Fat ass Donnie hasn't finished the first term and he's talking about a third term.

  4. All of you a$$holes can cry about Trump winning the election, this is America. Votes means choice and may the best person win. Also Obama was a good President too and the other side didn't react like bunch of whiner's, moaners and groaners. Be an American and shut up.

  5. Hillbilly crowd supporters…….America suffers from lack of education…….there’s no respect for Americans anymore..embarrassing.

  6. America the Leader of the Free World? NOT!!!!! The citizens of the country America are OK with (1) Their Dear Leader who is willing to lying to his citizens of the country America and create lies about the hurricane and to alter the truth so the Dear Leader is Right (2) Negotiating with terrorists who want to turn Afghanistan back to the way it was prior to 9/11. So can an American tell me why then you spent trillion of your dollars, lost thousand of American lives and the lives of the Allies that supported you after 9/11 you could have done what the Dear Leader wants now a year after the invasion of Afghanistan. I have spent time with the brother of a Canadian soldier who lost his life. So what should the American citizens tell him? Something like sorry for your loss but the American citizens and their Dear Leader are going to turn Afghanistan back to the way it was before 9/11? Americans could careless about this Canadian who loss his brother fighting in Afghanistan. (3) Weakening the country Ukraine and cutting funding because Putin told Americans to do that because Russia annexed Crimea (4) America used to have the best intelligence (CIA) in the world but your Dear Leader is willing to tell Putin and his Ministers anything that an adult who is probably going to get fired from the CIA remove the spy/source from Russia after 10 years of providing intel to save his life. My father fought in World War 2 and he had a saying would you go to war with the guy next to you? I believe that is the question the other six members of the G7 are asking themselves. Can you trust an American citizen and their Beloved Leader when it counts? The answer is NO!!!

    America continues to demonstrate that they ARE NOT THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. And who the frig voted that you are the leader of the free world? Certainly NOT THE MEMBERS OF THE G7!!! Trump will win the next election because of the Republican Governors will rig the vote and gerrymandering the districts. American democracy is a joke. Please stop telling the world they should adopt your rigged democracy. The NRA and Trump believe everyone should have a AR-15 gun. How dumb are Americans? Compared to the G7 first world countries and the G20 countries (you can Google who they are) America is the only country with regular mass shootings. Like every two weeks. Americans are so dumb they will do anything to protect their second amendment. As long as my family is OK and I have a Assault Rifle for war, I am OK!!! This is a clear demonstration why Americans are against abortions. They would not be able to go to family reunions and find a date and marry their first cousin. All Hail the Christian Right!!!! Do you know it takes five MAGA supports to change a light bulb? One to hold the light bulb and four American MAGA supports to turn him!!!

  7. The jokes help, but I’m just so bone weary of this shitstain on what was a great country. I’m not sure I want my young son to grow up here.


  9. The GOP plan to take over America is through the statehouses.
    Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains how the GOP has implemented minority rule against an increasingly diverse and liberal America.
    Watch More: The 4 Biggest Right Wing Lies About Inequality ►►​@​

  10. I live in NC. In all fairness, it did rain on the folks waiting to get in. Some waited 2-3 days. But it did rain the day of the rally in Fayetteville. Just offering some first hand info to help anyone who cares that they are being manipulated with mis/disinformation (from either side)

  11. He is one sick individual. How much longer? I do not favor impeachment, only because it would lead nowhere with Moscow Mitch in charge of the Senate. We have to impeach at the ballot box. It’s too bad we can’t call for elections like the Brits.

  12. When fascists say they're only joking, what they're actually doing is gaslighting people who recognize the dog whistles and are raising concerns over fascist rhetoric.

  13. We need the Pentagon to nuke America's weapons department and cripple all offensive capabilities of Trump 2020 happens. Hell, even colonial age Britain would be more trustworthy with weapons of mass destruction. Let fucking EU or Canada have the nukes or something.

  14. Oh yes, what douchebag has done for religion is "so important." Destroyed faith, destroyed morality, destroyed character, destroyed honesty. He's made you all a bunch of hypocrites, that is SOOOO important.

  15. His influence is terrifying. In Canada Ford, Kenney, Palliser, and likely next PM, Scheer, are all slashing public services, health care, social resources and relying on the most basic campaign tactics.

  16. For a man who you claim is untrustworthy and even insane, you take an awful lot of stock in every word the man says. But it pays well both socially and financially to be against a president who isn't a democrat, so I guess that justifies the constant complaining, outrage and never being satisfied with any progress whatsoever unless the person succeeding is the person you want to succeed. To say that this man, despite the clown that he is, has not done a single, solitary decent thing in office is delusional. Congratulations. I hope your moral supremacist high horse feels good. Maybe you'll feel good as this country rips itself apart by telling yourselves that all who disagree with you or don't side with you are evil Nazis. Enjoy.

  17. It's really hard to feel bad about people with Trump Derangement Syndrome when they choose to get their news from late night comedians & Democrat news sources who only share their own biases. If you believe half of the propaganda pumped out by Colbert, Washington Post, NYTimes, CNN, MSNBC & other MSM outlets you kind of deserve the hell that your illusions have you experiencing in the Trump Era.

  18. “Evangelicals” backing stump proves nothing they do or say has anything to do God. Hypocritical, ignorant asses.

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