Watch UK's Natural Land Diminish in 100 Seconds | Short Film Showcase

In 2018 Dan Raven-Ellison traveled the length of Great Britain with the mission of discovering what the country really looks like from above. The UK in 100 Seconds shows houses, bogs, fields, forests, and pastures with each second representing a percentage of land use. Currently, one in 7 species in the UK is at risk of extinction, so the film asks: can more space be created for wildlife? In July of 2019 London became the first National Park City.
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Watch UK’s Natural Land Diminish in 100 Seconds | Short Film Showcase

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  1. anyone else confused…. 5% houses, 6% grassland, 7% heathland, 9% petebog, 10% woods…. that's 37% so far, plus 27% crops (takes us to 64%) and then 28% total 92%…. other 8%??? coastline maybe?

  2. Gawd…lump in throat…born in England…raised in US…and yet I always feel a connection…a beauty the UK, hopefully it stays that way 😊

  3. No. Nature has a massive % of the land as you have just told us. You need to protect what we have. Also I fink you need to get a better voice-over guy. One that can talk properly and clearly.

  4. You guys are really out doing yourselves. It would be cool to see this done for other countries in Europe (especially Greece).

  5. Umm …maybe encouraging human migration to the UK will make it worse?… Help people where they are. Please do a program on the Moringa Tree 🌳 & how it can nearly eliminate malnourishment in the world 🌎

  6. Welsh farmers don't help, all they have is sheep getting 40k a year of the government! They are like glorified dolies that also mascara wildlife.
    Some of them do something, but most don't.

  7. "More trees"…maybe less London! The biggest problem with western europe is the increase of it's urban population, in the countryside we all know you're too stupid to understand that you're the problem and that farmland exists to provide food for you, so let's get rid of farmland and have some of those forests for you to stroll in the weekends.

  8. I wouldn't blame the cows or the sheep but mainly mass uncontrolled immigration the size of coventry entering the UK every year. Meaning we have to build more homes therefore fields and green belts being destroyed.

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