When Wildlife Tourism Hurts Animals | National Geographic

Wildlife tourism is growing in the Amazon, a region that once virtually defined hard-to-reach. Visitors come to experience unspoiled nature, but that’s not always what’s on display. At some destinations, local residents keep captive wildlife, taken illegally from the jungle, to offer visitors the chance to hold a sloth, an anteater, or a caiman as if they were stuffed animals. Tourists also have the chance to swim with river dolphins, which tour operators attract with bait. The practice encourages aggressive behavior, endangering the very object of visitors’ admiration. All of these encounters are stressful for the animals and can pose health and safety risks to tourists.
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When Wildlife Tourism Hurts Animals | National Geographic

National Geographic


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  1. Tourism helps conservation because now these people have an economic incentive to protect these animals. If the were forced to look for other jobs they'd likely lead to even more habitat destruction.

  2. I really love animals and i rather would be an animal too ( I know human are animals too but not to be a human) and have a free life. Every time I see something like this i cry because i dont want that animals are sometimes used as "toys"

  3. A dualidade…tentamos enterder-nos a nós conjugando uma visão subjectiva com a objectiva neste mundo físico..mas sendo parte deste sobrestimamo-nos ou ignorar tudo ou mais profundo?? Isto aleija… A nossa ignorância profunda!! As asfixias a que sujeitam a vida selvagem…Obrigar a superar estas práticas tóxicas e a respeitar o habitat! Estes animais agradeciam se os deixassem em paz e viver a sua vida selvagem…

  4. The problem is the people, I guess. It's possible to have an eco-tourism without putting the wild animals at risk, but people are always pushing the borders that divides us from wild animals and, for most of them, It isn't enough to close watch, they need to touch/grab/take a selfie with the animals.

  5. Each of the people that are getting these animals illegally should be placed in a cage so tiny that they can't move, only fed if someone feels like it, do not allow them to sleep keeping a bright light on them 24/7, do not give them anything to wear then allow people to come see them poke them smack them pull there hair and feed them nasty stuff that makes them sick. As for the people who go to these places giving them money to kill and miss treat these poor animals so when that one dies they go get another animal out of the forest. Well First every single one of you know what you are doing is wrong. Being upper class I know you think I can do what ever I want, but remember KARMA because some way some how that KARMA will bite you in your A$$ then you will be just as those poor animals are . Just read what I wrote about the ones who get these animals and you will then know what will happen to you!!!

  6. please stop exploiting wild animals just to earn some profit. you are endangering their lives by doing so. its terribly disgusting side of human nature

  7. When I was in the Amazon, i was really fortunate to see these amazing animals, even though from afar.
    Native people in the Amazon, keeps these animals as pets. In every village we’ve visited, it’s also like visiting a zoo.

  8. Unfortunately it shows how half of Brazilians are in its essence: always trying to take advantage of the situation. Our community is sick and we need to change!

  9. poor animals they should be in the wild and live. not on humans and we need to replace them love and respect not replacing them bad things that they dont like

  10. I WOULD NEVER PAY TO SEE ANIMALS (I haven't & will never fund such exploitation) – that includes zoos, circuses, and such dumbass tours —- I would rather enjoy watching them on NatGeo or Animal Planet or BBC Earth or some such TV documentaries.

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