Which engine self-destructs first? Zmax or Lucas Synthetic?

How Long will a Lucas Synthetic and Zmax Treated Gas Engine Run Without Oil? Let’s find out!

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  1. Great videos, i would love to see you come up with a test for transmission fluid. Especially Toyota ws trans fluid vs. The amsoil equivalent. Also please test those zddp oil additives for flat tappet camshafts.Thanks, please keep testing.

  2. You completely skewed the results against the Zmax . . . by not mixing it with Lucas!! Seriously though, I ran Lucas synthetic in a chipped 2011 Dodge 3500 dually with a standard transmission and had not a single issue for the entire 200,000 miles I owned the truck.

  3. love it l, another great day for testing. having taking small engines in high school, it great that youll donate those. but if they dont take em, put an project farm sticker on it, and ill rebuilt it for small sized gokart

  4. I use the Lucas heavy duty (not the synthetic) additive because it is so thick and sticky that it stays up in the valve train much longer than just oil when the engine is turned off. This helps prevent extra wear on startup.

    I can't say for absolute sure that it works, but some evidence is that my oil is much cleaner during oil changes, telling me that there is probably less wear going on, and also, when I do an oil change, it takes longer for the oil to drain from the oil pan, telling me that the oil is thicker and takes longer to flow. Also, my oil pressure went up by 5-10 psi when I started using it.

    I do use full synthetic oil though.

  5. The videos keep getting better and better. 🙂 Something I wanted to see which is something that my brother has talked about. Is good products to use to clean carbon deposits off of pistons, heads, etc. during an engine tear down or rebuild. My brother suggested oven cleaner. He wasn't specific as to a brand. I figured it may be a quick video to see if it worked and had any adverse effects. I know you've done a lot of reviews of products that clean using the combustion cycle but a lot of us could also likely use tips to help make our cleaning more efficient.

  6. I would like you to try bestline oil treatment is supposed to be the best really good. The video on YouTube shows you can run an engine without oil after putting it in your car. Could you play compare this with a lot of other oil treatment

  7. The video that you do are so awesome I love them. Everything you do I have always wondered my own self if it works or if it don't and you answer our questions thank you for doing all all these tests for us

  8. I have bought the Petron Pluss product its very very expensive and hard to find a few dealers do sell it in Amazon I also have been using a different product called archoil that was bosted about buy Jey Lenno. I think they both sound like the same product I have talked to both manufacturs and thay say no there are not the same???? This would be a great test for you to do between Petron Plus & Archoil!

  9. Z-max is not a lubricating products it's a cleaning product. So of course in this test Lucas will will. I'm less then three min in the video and can tell that. But if he want to clean the funk build up from the Lucas use the zmax

  10. I don’t feel this is a fair comparison. 1. The Lucas is a petroleum based thick viscosity index improved. 2. Zmax is a light mineral oil based formula designed to soak into metal over time. It is not remotely designed to use with out oil. The mineral oil is a carrier only. I Ike your videos but this test honestly was a waste of time as it didn’t prove anything.

  11. Try running used engine purely on oil additive as well as full tank of fuel additive, it should be interesting because these additives say to provide great lubrication and fuel system cleaning, use liqui moly if you can get that. Cheers mate😉

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